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The DWO Election 2019

06 July 2019

DWO Election

Ladies and gentlemen, you heard the Mayor. The first DWO London Mayoral Election in our over 7 year history has been called following the mounting pressure on Niles Kress to resign after accidentally burning down the Olympic Stadium. Of course being the only candidate, Niles is a sure fire win. Although, there's still plenty of time before polling opens for other candidates to put themselves forward...

Voting in the election will take place next Saturday all day, with the results announced in a live DWO News Election Night special coverage event that evening. During the week, we'd encourage you all to get campaigning for your favourite candidate. Any party that joins the election will have special Party Pins they can give out to anyone who helps their cause, and players can choose to become members of the party they want to win and represent their allegiance through the week.

All the info on the election is being covered on our brand new Election tracker website plus I'm sure the DWO1 TV team will be busy covering the hustings over on our YouTube channel.

In the mean time, keep your eyes peeled for all the media coverage of the event, as DWO News expects more possible candidates to put themselves forward in the coming few days.

And finally, Niles Kress and his Literal Demograph party have released their Party Political Broadcast advert, which will be screened throughout the day on all terrestrial channels in the build up to voting day.