IP: dwominecraft.com

Survival Communities

20 November 2016

We've completely redone the Community system for Survival to make it much simpler to join a town, and to keep track of your citizens.

If you want to become a Mayor with your own community, run /community create [name]. You cannot already be a member of another community when starting your own.

To invite people to join just do /community invite [player]. You can only invite people that are actually online and aren't already a citizen somewhere else, and the invited player has to then accept the invitation with /community join. To see all the citizens of your community, just do /community members, and you can always leave a community at any time with /community leave. When you eventually get perks for the community like block protection, citizens you add and remove automatically get added to it.

If you find anything wonky let me know asap and I'll get it fixed.