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Christmas 2014 on DWO

1 December 2014

Christmas 2014 on DWO

So you've no doubt already noticed that we're beginning to kick into Christmas mode already, and the decorations have started going up around London. Over the last few weeks leading up to December we've had many people asking if we're going to be planning a special event or something for Christmas, so I'll just mention here that we're not going to do one this year.

That is to say - we're going to do twenty four.

The DWO Advent Calendar will be revealing a treat every day for the next 24 days leading up to Christmas! There's stuff included for everyone, including some pretty big goodies! Please remember we have a wide range of players who all play the game differently, and we can't have 24 things that only a small amount of people enjoy - you won't enjoy every gift that comes out of the box!

I'll be using this thread to keep the forums updated with each gift as it goes out, and you guys can also use it to keep discussion/screenshots/videos/assorted Christmas things in one placed. The advent calendar is located in the back right room of the National Gallery, and Day 1 is already here!

Day 1

From now until the Christmas Day, you can wrap up presents under the tree for your friends! Place a chest under the Christmas tree at creative spawn, and fill it with items for someone. Then wrap it up with /wrap [player name] and it'll turn into a present! Right click any of the presents under the tree to read the label and see who it's from and who it's for. When the 25th comes, whoever you wrapped it for can unwrap it and get their gifts! We'll almost certainly run out of space under the tree very quickly, so let me know if you can't find a space and I'll make the "under the tree" area bigger. Obviously please don't spam presents and create loads for hundreds of people, there are lots of players who'll want to make one, and I'll just end up removing all your presents and none of your friends get one from you.

You can also gift people Cardinal with the presents! If you go to the Donations & Upgrades section of the store, there's a new Cardinal Gift Block you can buy to wrap up inside a present for someone. Then come the 25th they can turn the block into a Cardinal rank!

We're also pre-announcing the event for Saturday 20th of December, which as most people now know is the Yule Ball. KoruTsuki is organising that, so speak to him if you've got any questions!

As usual if something doesn't work let me know, and I'll get it fixed. Post any questions down below!

Day 2

100 free Credits! To claim them, add 100 credits to your cart on the store, then type 'DWOADVENT' into the coupon box at the checkout. The pay button should change to 'Claim for Free', then just press it and wait!


Day 3

Snow Forts! The new Christmas snowball fight mini game is now open in Parliament Square in London, and will be here for all od December. Use the join signs on the side to play!


Day 4

It's an exclusive Survival offer! For one day only, Mycelium is available to buy at Survival spawn, just 50 credits for a stack. Visit Santa's Grotto next to Minemart to grab some!


Day 5


It's a new game - Race to the Centre of the TARDIS! Race from the front door of the TARDIS to the engine room, passing a series of obstacles and parkour as you go.

Be warned though - this is really, really hard. You will rage quit. The entire staff team have play tested this, and two of us completed it. The first time I managed it I did it in an 1 hour 40 minutes, and I think it gave me PTSD. If you thought the Dropper was hard, you've seen nothing yet.


Day 6 & 7

It's a Christmas present hunt! Visit Santa's sleigh outside (or rather, half in half outside) the National Gallery, and help him get his presents back! Whoever has the most at the end of the 48 hours will win free Cardinal! If you're already Cardinal, you'll get a £10 coupon for whatever you want from the store - a plot, rooms, credits etc. The second place winner will get themselves a £5 coupon! To pick up the presents just right click them, the ones in Trafalgar Square do not count. There are a good few hundred hidden, but I imagine they'll probably go quite fast, so get hunting!


Day 8

200 free Credits! To claim them, add 200 credits to your cart on the store, then type 'DWOADVENT' into the coupon box at the checkout. The pay button should change to 'Claim for Free', then just press it and wait!

Also a word of advice to those who spent their last hundred immediately and then got upset when they couldn't buy the Mycelium - maybe don't spend them all immediately this time ;)


Day 9

It's another exclusive Survival offer! For one day only, you can buy Name Tags from Santa's Grotto in Survival!


Day 10

The Doctor Who Experience

The Doctor Who Experience is now open in Earl's Court! Take the tube to the Earl's Court station, and you can't miss it.

Thanks to Harri_Cole, UDWF1 and Earth_Dude3 for their hard work on it!


Day 11

It's another exclusive Survival offer! For today only, you can buy Bottles O' Enchanting from Santa's Grotto in Survival, just 30 credits for 16.


Day 12



Day 13

Three new TARDIS rooms! The Gallery, Forest and Galaxy rooms, available for 50p! They're 50p today only, and will be usual prices from tomorrow. Thanks to narwhal612 and Doctor_Whoever for building them!

Gallery room Forest room Galaxy room


Day 14


Day 15

Uh, we maybe lost Santa. He's stuck somewhere in London, and we need you to find him! The first person to post a screenshot with him below will win Cardinal for free! Second place will get a £5 voucher for the store, and if first place is already Cardinal they'll get £10 - same as the present hunt. You have to post a screenshot below for it to count, to stop people claiming they found him while the staff were offline or for when someone inevitably shouts it out in chat.

Good luck!


Day 16

End Portal blocks are on sale at Survival spawn! 100% unattainable anywhere else, this is your only chance!

Congratulations to MrGoneNucelar who won the Santa Hunt, and BlitzSkype who came second. Speak to me in game and I'll give you the prizes.


Day 17

The Christmas Ride! Journey through the last ten years of Christmas specials, from The Christmas Invasion to Time of the Doctor! The Stargate is in the Advent Calendar room, you'll need to shout for a staff member to get your a cart! There's also a required resource pack, just hit one of the queue buttons and it'll install (make sure you have server packs enabled!)


Day 18

End Portal Pieces are available for one day only in Survival! Bear in mind these won't take you to the End, but they're great for decoration or just as a status symbol. Visit Santa's Grotto to pick them up, 50 credits for 3!


Day 19

Into The Dalek is open now in the Games world! https://youtu.be/zWzuUUT6zY0


Day 20

Yule Ball https://youtu.be/yOKz6HRofts

Day 21


Day 23

The 50th Anniversary Ride!

The old Series 7b Ride has been expanded to cover the 50th Anniversary! It's the same ride so you can take the old stargate to get there, but you will need to download the new pack! It uses the same system as the Christmas one, and it'll install automagically.

I didn't include Time of the Doctor because it sucks and the Christmas ride has it, and I left out Night of the Doctor because it didn't flow particularly well, with the ride being from 11's perspective.


Day 24

It's The End, but the moment has been prepared for.

For the final day of advent, it's literally The End - the Survival End is now open! There is a dragon, but I imagine it'll be dead within 30 seconds. We'll be resetting it every so often on the same schedule as the Nether, so everyone gets a chance to fight the dragon and hopefully grab themselves the egg.


Day 25 - Merry Christmas everybody!

Merry Christmas everybody! It's time to open your presents under the tree, if you find one for you just type /unwrap and right click! For the sake of FPS, remove the present once you've emptied it please!

A massive thank you to everyone who made this the best Christmas we've ever done. Everyone who played the games and took part in events, to the guys who just came along each night to see the present open. Thanks to the staff team for spending the last few months making it all happen, and to the players for making that time well spent. I hope you've all enjoyed it, and that you have a great Christmas now it's finally here.

The only problem is that we're gonna have to work even harder to top it next year.