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Christmas 2019 on DWO

01 December 2019

As the snow begins to fall, it can only mean one thing - Christmas time on DWO has begun!

The days have begun to get darker, the citizens of London are putting up their decorations, and the Trafalgar Tree has returned! As usual, present wrapping is open to all from now until the 24th. Read the instructions under the tree and wrap up a chest full of gifts for all your favourite players. Also available again is the Cardinal Gift Block, allowing you to get Cardinal for that one special Gallifreyan in your life and let them unwrap it under the tree on Christmas morn’.

And of course, it wouldn’t be Christmas without our other Christmas tradition - the Yule Ball returns again for it’s fifth outing. The Ball will be taking place this year on Saturday the 21st of December, in another new secret venue. Prepare your finest skins for another night of messing around that inevitably descends into boat-based chaos.

And don’t forget, the DWO Minecraft Awards Ceremony will take place during the evening, when we congratulate and appreciate our favourite players for 2019. Remember to CLICK HERE TO VOTE and nominate your candidates for each of our categories, then keep your fingers crossed on the night that you’ll be taking home one of those exclusive Pins!

Oh, and it appears just this very moment, a letter has arrived for you - addressed “To Citizens of London”. Return address is in... the North Pole?

Well, who would want to turn down an invitation from Father Christmas himself! I suppose you better pack your bags and head to the train station. Follow the green line from Creative spawn, and you’ll find it inside the Gallery - it is a magical train after all. The first train departs this evening at 9pm on the dot - better not be late!