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Trick or Treat!

25 October 2021

Witch Hut

Happy Halloween everyone! Well, not quite everyone. You see, it turns out all our banging around on this planet, what with landing on a space ship, building a town, then accidentally tearing some dimensional rifts open, and recently reactivating a long dormant gateway to murder a dragon, has got a lot of people very cross with us.

Well I say people, but really I mean - witches! They've run out of patience for us intruding on their land and have cast the entire world under a spell of eternal darkness, until it gets entirely overrun by mobs and we go away. Not very nice of them.

Obviously the last thing we want to do is pack up all our things and get back into the rocket, so we thought instead we could try and show these witches that we're fun really, we don't mean any harm! And Halloween is the perfect time of year for it, to bring an old tradition from Earth to this new planet - Trick or Treating! The witches live in their witchy huts around the world, so why not try visiting one and knocking on their front door. They'll get the hang of the game quickly we hope, and with enough tricking and treating then fingers crossed they'll see the benefit to letting us stay.

As a special bonus, if you can get them to lift the spell, Morgan and Noodle will see about reconfiguring their Nether gateway to get us to a brand new area in the dimension, fully restocked with ruins, remnants and resources. Good luck, and happy trick or treating!