IP: dwominecraft.com

Now on Bedrock!

20 June 2020

We said it couldn't be done. We said it was impossible. To allow you to play DWO Minecraft from anywhere - on the go, on your TV, or even on the toilet. What horrific space-time anomalies could be unleashed if we cross the boundaries that divide one universe from another?? Well, thanks to a crack team of scientists much smarter than us, it's time to find out.

Bedrock Edition Logo

You can now play on DWO from Minecraft Bedrock! The same server you already play on, not a spin-off or alternate server. You can log off from your computer, fire up your games console of choice, and carry on on the big screen right where you left off. Minecraft Bedrock is the version of the game that's on most non-PC platforms like games consoles, tablets, or phones, and DWO will work from anything that supports it.

Of course, doing something so stupid is always going to have some catches, so please read all the FAQs here carefully, and understand that playing from Bedrock will definitely be a little shonky and not as smooth as the Java experience.

How do I connect to DWO from Bedrock? To add DWO to your server list:
  1. Click the 'Add Server' button in the 'Servers' tab of multiplayer
  2. Enter any name and our normal server address dwominecraft.com, leave port as the default
  3. Click save, and you'll now see DWO at the bottom of your server list - now click and play!
Do I need a Java account to play? Nope! You can play on DWO even if the only version of Minecraft you've ever bought is pocket edition.
Why don't I have my items or my rank?? Logging in through Bedrock will treat you as a brand new player, and your username will be your associated gamertag. To play on the same account as you usually use, see the next question!
How can I log into my normal Java account from Bedrock? Log into the server through Java and run the /linkaccount command, then follow the instructions. It will give you a code to connect your accounts, and from then on any time you log in on either platform, you'll use your normal Java account!
How can I connect on my PS4 / Xbox / Switch? Unfortunately, those three console platforms don't allow you to enter custom server IPs like ours, and only let you choose from a list of chosen servers. However, there are ways you can change your console's settings to allow you to connect. See this guide for Xbox One and this guide for Nintendo Switch - we don't have a PS4 guide, but the method is the same. It's up to you if you want to do this or not, but you won't be able to play from a console without it.
What does the dot in usernames mean? Players whose username starts with a b. are Bedrock players. This stops usernames from accidentally clashing between Java and Bedrock. Once a player links their account, the dot will go away and you won't even tell they're on Bedrock anymore.
It's glitchy! This is not an official system supported by Mojang, and we're doing a lot of jiggery pokery on our end to make it work. Your phone was never meant to play on our server! This means you'll likely experience some glitches, whether it be slow loading or difficulty placing blocks. We'll be keeping up to date on the latest fixes when they're available, but ultimately there's likely to always be some incompatibility between the platforms. Java will always be our recommended and best supported way to play.
Why doesn't this command work? We can't guarantee everything will work on Bedrock as it does on Java. If you find something that you think should work, make a /modreq and we'll have a look to see if we can create a solution, but it might not always be possible. As above, Java will always be our recommended and best supported way to play.