IP: dwominecraft.com

2012 New Years Party

28 December 2012
  1. The players have planned an event to celebrate New Year and are accepting donations of fireworks to use during the event.

More information found near the Portal Hub/Creative spawn.

  1. The Portal Hub is being expanded considerably.

  2. The Deathzone is out of order.

  3. The Mob Arena (Frontios) is out of order.

We're trying to find a way to stop the Warzone from removing all the necessary buttons and pressure plates when saving/resetting.

  1. Frontios is out of order.

Due to a combination of Cardinals leaving the doors open and faulty portals, a griefer has managed to get in and destroy most of the signs explaining the rules of Frontios.

To those involved with expanding the Portal system, please refrain from using any other kind of portal than the standard ones used throughout the server, as the latter are the only reliable ones.

The old portal in Frontios was positioned as it was so people couldn't accidentally walk past the rules.