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Pumpkin Carving Closed

1 November 2016

The Halloween Pumpkin Carving is now officially closed!

Thanks to everyone that took part, and I hope you had a great time designing and checking out each other's builds. The winners will be announced some time in the next few days once all the staff have had a chance to look around the pumpkin patch and vote on their favourites.

However, that's not it for Halloween on DWO this year!

This Saturday the 5th of November there will be no Games Night, as instead at 6PM GMT the Survival End will be opening up with another server Ender Dragon fight! So remember remember to grab your best armour, sharpest swords, and a million stacks of cobble to get to the outer reaches and maybe get yourself an Elytra, this Saturday!

(And for our players outside the UK, the clocks have changed in the UK this week. That means Games Night will now be an hour later than it was last week for you. Don't miss out!)