IP: dwominecraft.com

Let Battle Commence

28 October 2022

Psst... pssst... you looking for a thrill? A bit of danger?

Well, it seems that shady character that's been loitering at Survival Spawn won't go away, no matter how nicely we've asked. Please try not to engage with him, or his dodgy dealings - he's nothing to do with us, so we can't guarantee anything you buy from him won't put you in danger. That said, if you're sure you want to go down this road...

Introducing PVP Altars to Survival! Ancient magical artifacts, imbued with power we don't really understand that will apparently let you bypass the PVP protections in the world. If you're sure this is something you want to do, the shifty salesman will happily hook you up with an altar - for a substantial price.

You can place these altars anywhere in Survival, and they can be moved easily afterwards. Interacting with any altar will give you the ability to enable PVP for yourself, for a small fee, and let you kill anyone else in the world who's also taken the risk. Build your own custom arenas or underground fight clubs with a PVP Altar as the centrepiece, and do battle with your friends. The protection will be restored however if you wander too far from the altar, or leave the world - so no cowardly running away!

If you die to PVP, we won't help you. This is a risk you take on alone! We won't get your stuff back, or stop people stealing your stuff. If safety's what you want, don't do business with tricky traders round the back of a shack!