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Survival Portals

15 December 2020

Your hard work this Christmas is really starting to pay off! While you were busy helping Kerblam, Morgan and Noodle have been investigating those malfunctioning robots you found - and from what they've learnt about their fancy teleportation circuits, they've managed to reproduce a way for everyone to utilise the teleport tech! Introducing Survival Portals - a new means for you to navigate around the world, and help players find your towns and other points of interest.

Spawn Portal

There are two main entry gate to the network at Spawn, on the South Side - one on each level of the Spawn building. Right click on the sign to scroll through the list of available destinations, then hit the button to open the portal when you find where you want to go.

Before you go sticking portals up everywhere though, remember this is very intricate, new technology - so it's expensive to get it running. Creating a portal will cost you 50,000 credits, so make sure you're doing it right! You can't get your credits back after it's been created, so be sure it's in position you want and check the name for spelling errors.

To create your own portal, you need to construct this template:

Survival Portal Template

To build the template, you'll need:

  • 50,000 credits
  • 2 Chiselled Polished Blackstone
  • 3 Warped Hyphae
  • 2 Shroomlight
  • 7 Obsidian
  • 2 Block of Netherite
  • Any sign of your choice

Once you've built it the frame, place your sign on the right hand Block of Netherite, and put the name you want for your portal on the first line. You don't need anything else! Remember that the name you choose will be visible to all other players, and be how they recognise your portal from the directory when scrolling through it.

portal name

Only the name of your portal - nothing else!

And that's it! Once you write the sign, you will automatically be charged your 50,000 credits, the connection button will appear on the left-hand Netherite Block, and your portal is connected to the network. Happy portalling!

Professor Morgan was very vague when I asked if this is breaching any of Kerblam's intellectual property rights, so please use the technology at your own disrection. We're not responsible if you get taken to Kandokan Court.