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Welcome Mr. Victor Rand!

22 October 2017

We’d like to welcome a new citizen to DWO London! Mr Victor Rand has come all the way here from Texas to visit our great capital city! You may recognise his name from the last time he was here in 2007, when he was helped to co-finance the construction of the Rattigan Academy out in the suburbs. Please make sure our city is clean and tidy for his visit, we don’t want to give off a bad impression to such an influential businessman. Make sure you pop by and say hello if you see him! I’m sure he’ll be keen to do some business here so it’s important he has a good experience if we want him to invest in our city.

You might also notice lots of other London citizens popping up over the next week or so to welcome Mr. Rand - we’d very strongly encourage you to go have a chat to all of them. Get to know your neighbours, have a natter. After all, they do live here so it’d almost be rude not to. I’m sure more and more will keep arriving over the next week, and I hope you’ll find time to welcome them all!