IP: dwominecraft.com

DWO 1965!

1 April 2022

Sorry to have to bring some bad news - giving out all these TARDISes for free has meant we've needed to make some cuts elsewhere. We've unfortunately been forced to downgrade our server TV license from a full colour one to only black and white.

Black and white 60s TV

So from today, DWO Minecraft will be rebranding to a 60's Who only themed server! We've had to make some quick redesigns, and will have to ask you all to refrain from mentioning any episode from J*n P*rtwee onwards, but otherwise DWO is still the same old server you know and love! Just... a little bit older. Okay a lot older. But there's no limit to the builds we can create, from the beautiful vistas of Lime Grove Studio D to the dizzying heights of Lime Grove Studio G.

Losing access to colour might be a shock at first, but this is Doctor Who as it was meant to be experienced by the original creators, in it's truest form!

We made it - DWO 1965!