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Christmas 2023 on DWO

01 December 2023

The 1st of December on DWO traditionally means the start of Christmas - except this isn't any old year, it's the 60th Anniversary of Doctor Who! Russell T has taken over the big bombastic storyline duties this year, and we're celebrating with Watchalongs, Rewatchalongs, spoiler chats and bouncy castles. Check the Events tab in Discord to see everything that's going on, and check out #announcements for some anniversary goodies - with a few more still to come.

That doesn't mean we can't still have a little bit of Christmas fun though!

Photo of the 60th Anniversary spawn with the Christmas Tree

The Christmas Tree is back at Trafalgar Square, sharing the space with the celebrations. As usual, you can wrap up gifts below the tree for your friends and fellow players to open on the big day. You have until the 24th to leave your presents, so don't leave your shopping too late! And it's not just Trafalgar, you can wrap presents in Survival too. Then come Christmas morning, jump onto the server and rummage through the ever-growing pile to find the ones with your name on!

Yule Ball 2023 Poster

And another Christmas staple that will of course return is the Yule Ball - this year taking place on the 16th of December! A week after the madness of the 60th specials has ended, to keep the Saturday night fever going. So mark your calendars, prepare your dressiest skins, and RSVP to the Discord event for another night of typical tomfoolery to celebrate not just Christmas, but the 60th, Ncuti, Tennant, and everything else that's made up the 60th year of the show that started all this!

During the Ball we'll announce the winners of the The 2023 DWO Minecraft Awards - as voted for by you! CLICK HERE TO VOTE for the players who've really made this 60th Anniversary year special for everyone. Then don't forget to attend on the night of the 16th to find out if you'll take home one of this year's exclusive pins for your trophy collection!

Next stop - into the Wild Blue Yonder!