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Exciting Redevelopments!

24 October 2017

Earlier this week I’m sure you all met our new visitor Mr Victor Rand, and I’m very pleased to hear that he’s loved his time here. His property company Rand Property Enterprises Inc. has just today issued a statement about a new project they’ve decided London was the perfect location for.

“We at Rand Property Enterprises Incorporated are overjoyed to announce we will be bringing our newest and largest Rand Casino to the city of historic London town! As our first property in Europe, head honcho Mr Victor Rand was determined to find the perfect location to make a real splash. After a day of negotiating with London Mayor Niles Kress, the city has agreed to sell a prime spot of real estate right by the River Themes for the project. The land is currently home to the Tower of London, but Rand Property Enterprises Incorporated promises our reconstruction will be swift and we’ll have that old tower smashed out of the way in no time! We can’t wait to start welcoming customers to our brand new, biggest and best, European Rand Casino!”

We’re flattered to have received such a great opportunity from an internationally recognised billionaire, and we’re sure you’ll love this new London redevelopment! In response to today's news, the DWO News Crew bring us an exclusive interview with Mr. Victor Rand.

As mentioned on Sunday, I’m sure you’ll have found lots of new characters who’ve popped up in the city to welcome Mr. Rand, and we’d strongly recommend you explore and meet all these new faces.