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New rules for Console Sq

18 March 2015

Some of you have probably already noticed, but Console Sq is soon going to be filled up, of course we will probably expand it eventually when we see reason to, but take this as an official notice:

There's going to be a very small chance that your TARDIS interior builds will be accepted, we're not going to move every single console everyone makes because even if we did expand Console Sq, it'd probably have ended up bigger than the rest of the world by now, 'standards' were already high, but just don't expect us to accept anything, look at the newer consoles that have already been moved if you want to see how to improve your own. Preferably, try and make it more original and to the same standard, nobody's going to look at 10 Capaldi consoles in a row that are all pretty similar.

Or if you want a better chance of having your build moved, try and build something other than a TARDIS console (What is this blasphemy?!), I'm fairly sure the past 51 years of the show weren't set entirely inside the TARDIS.