IP: dwominecraft.com

The 1.15 Update

17 March 2020

Yes, it's finally happening - DWO will at long last be updating to 1.15.2. Obviously this is a more complicated update than usual, with lots of Minecraft's basic building blocks being changed, which is why it's taken so long to prepare. It'll also require some work from you guys to make sure you're ready, so please read all of this info.

Two weeks today on March 31st 2020, DWO will be temporarily switched over to a short-term vanilla server while the main one goes down for maintenance. This involves lots of rigorous back ups, conversion and testing before we can safely re-open the server to you guys. We aim for the grand opening to be Saturday, April 4th, so make sure you clear your diary!

So why the early announcement? We're giving you two weeks to get yourself prepared for the update, as unfortunately some things will have to be lost in the process.

Firstly, our TARDISes all need to be reset, in order to accommodate new features in the plugin and to fix bugs that have plagued us for years. We're still storing TARDISes of players who've not been on in over half a decade, and it's starting to creak a little under the weight. This means unfortunately things like companions, saved destinations, or archived consoles will be lost - however, your custom build will not be lost! Staff will be able to save your custom TARDIS interior and rooms and port it over to the new server. Simply make a /modreq in game from inside your TARDIS, and they'll make sure it's safe. Be careful - you will only be allowed to do this once. We won't keep updating the saves every time you make little tweaks, so be sure it's ready before you ask. There's no rush to get this done - if you make the modreq before the 31st, it's guaranteed to be safe.

Secondly, we will also be resetting all inventories and ender chests in every world. We recommend you place all valuable items you don't want to lose into a physical chest somewhere in the world, and they'll be safe. You will lose all items that you leave in your inventories or ender chests at the end of the month, so don't get caught out!

If you're not able to log in to do any of the above, feel free to message the staff on our Discord or pop into the #minecraft-discussion channel and we'll try help you out. Same goes for if any of this is unclear!