IP: dwominecraft.com

Skyblock PVP Disabled

29 May 2016

Due to recent events that don't seem to want to go away, Skyblock PVP has been disabled until further notice.

The current obsession with 'trucing' in a game about PVP has got out of hand and seems to constantly keep creating childish arguments that disrupt the standard goings-on of the server and the forums. As such, players will no longer be able to play Skyblock PVP at all until we have decided that people have grown up and learnt how to behave properly.

If there seems to be more negative 'drama' from this point forwards from the same people who kept creating it out of Skyblock PVP, we will have to consider more severe and specific punishments for those people.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused to those who consistently set a good example for others and know how best to behave.