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King of the Ring

1 April 2023

On DWO, Saturday night means Games Night! But the truth of having so many games is that we've all got our favourites, and we know that sometimes people aren't getting the most out of the Games World when they just wanna play their favourite game over and over. We want to make sure everyone loves every second of Games Night, and nobody is left behind throwing porkchops on the ground. And the only way to fix that is to make every game the absolute best game it can be...

Which means it's time for the return of King of the Ring! Taking it's rightful place as the only game in the Games World, hours of endless fun are to be had in smacking each with swords until you fall off a big circle. No more worrying about who dropped the Source, or who's the impostor - it's impossible to not have a good time playing the same game over and over until you're crowned King of the Ring. It's a game so good, who even needs any of those other old ones!

Join us tonight for the inaugural King of the Ring Games Night, where we'll be playing everything from King of the Ring, to King of the Ring. Starting at 6pm tonight, and ending never - don't be late!

King of The Ring