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Christmas 2017 on DWO

01 December 2017

I'm sure you all know by now what the 1st of December means on DWO - Christmas has officially begun!

The snow has already started to fall over London, and the citizens are putting up their decorations. The Queen has moved inside her Palace, and the sun has started to move again with these cold winter nights.

And of course, it isn't Christmas without presents. The DWO tree has returned to Trafalgar Square with its bare trunk showing again, ready to be swamped with your gifts for each other. To wrap a gift, just place a chest below the tree and fill with gifts, then type /wrap [player] and right click to wrap it up! Once Christmas morning arrives, you can unwrap any gifts left under there for you. As usual there's also the Cardinal Gift Block available on the store, if you're feeling extra generous! Just wrap it in the present and the unsuspecting member will get their rank on Christmas day!

The sometimes-annual Yule Ball returns for it's third year! The Ball will be held on the 23rd of December, taking over another new venue in London. Make sure you have your sharpest suits and frocks ready for a night of music, messing around, and inevitably boats. There always seem to be boats at these things.

Hope to see you all there!

But of course, that couldn't really be all we have for you.

This month marks one other very special occasion - the arrival of the 13th Doctor, and the departure of the 12th. But before he goes, the Doctor is coming to DWO for one last visit. And you didn't know when you were well off - all twelve of them!

Everyone's real true love, each of the 12 Doctors will be making a pre-Christmas visit to DWO to drop off a present! I can only hope it doesn't go like the song and we end up having to start a zoo of swans and turtle doves. When each Doctor arrives in London, we'll rely on you guys to find wherever they've c̶r̶a̶s̶h̶e̶d̶ intentionally landed, and to see what they've brought us.

The Doctor unfortunately isn't well known for his time keeping, nor his punctuality. We can't promise that they'll all show up on their right days, or even in the right order! They could be landing at any time in any time zone, so you better be on your toes! To help out with the confusion, we've set up our Doctor-detecting room in the National Gallery which might be able to give you an advance warning for when one of them is on their way. It'll also show you who's already landed, should you be struggling to find where they've parked.

I have reason to believe one TARDIS may already be beginning to materalise.. ;)

We hope you all have a very merry Christmas on DWO!