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Delivery Disaster

01 December 2020

Apologies everyone, we were expecting the decorations and prizes for Christmas to have arrived by now. We had hoped they'd show up today, but after watching tonight's episode of Thorpe Investigates, it looks like we might have some more work on our hands.

It seems that they aren't just late, but the delivery company has totally messed up our order. All the presents that we've been waiting for to give to you have got lost in the post, along with all of the decorations ordered by the London government. Sorry for the mess! Since it seems from that video that the Mayor's office are too lazy to do it themselves, it'd be a real great hand if you guys could help us gather up all the packages. They're lost all across the city, so you'll need to get hunting into every nook and cranny to find everything we ordered.

Package Room

We've opened up our Package Storeroom in the National Gallery to keep all the gifts we gather up in the meantime, and so you guys can keep an eye on how many we've found. Oh, and it looks like some of these packages were mishandled pretty badly, so they're a bit damaged - if you get lucky, you can keep anything that falls out of a package you find!

Once we have our usual Christmas gifts back and all the ones lost in London are found, the Thorpe Investigates crew will have hopefully had enough time to figure out what happened to cause all this...