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Chest Shops Explained

21 August 2020

Chest Shops

As part of making your living on our new Survival world, you can set up your own Chest Shops stocked with items. This post explains everything you need to know about how to create your own, so you can have your own supermarket empire up and running in no time!

Chest Shops can either be sell shops, where the shop is stocked by the owner and is selling items to you, or buy shops where the shop will buy items from you in exchange for credits.

To buy from a sell shop, all you need to do is make sure you have enough credits, then right click the sign. To sell to a buy shop, make sure you have enough of the item in your inventory, then right click the sign.

To create a shop, simply place down a single chest then shift and right click to place a sign on the front. On the sign, write the following:

  1. [shop]
  2. The amount of items that players will have to buy or sell in each transaction.
  3. The price in credits per transaction. For sell shops this is the amount a player will pay you, and for buy shops it's the amount you will pay the player.
  4. Either sell or buy, depending on whether the shop will sell your items or buy items for you.





This shop will sell 16 items to players for 50 credits

You'll end up with a sign that looks like this one -


16x [item]


{your name}

Now just punch the sign while holding whatever item type you wish to sell or buy, and you're all done! For sell shops, make sure you keep the chest stocked up with the item you're selling or players won't be able to buy any. For buy shops, you want to keep the chest empty to make sure players have room to sell their items to you.

Four Shop Display Types

You can customise the display of your shop by right clicking the sign, with four different ones to choose from. To remove a shop, break the sign.

To view all the shops you've set up, use /shop. From there, you can view what you're selling and where the shops are set up. You can also use this menu to customise notifications you'll get from people using your shops, and your stock levels.