IP: dwominecraft.com

Nether Trouble

26 October 2020

Hello, me again! Hope you're enjoying the planet etc etc, no time for chit chat. We've a bit of a problem, and it's going to need a lot of work from everyone to fix it!

You see while you've all been out exploring, myself and Noodle have been furthering our research into this world, and trying to access its Nether dimension! We suspect the Nether of a distant planet like this one must be different from any we've seen before, with all sorts of new flora and fauna to study and learn from. So we set about some dimensional experiments in my laboratory, in the hope we could eventually set up a permanent portal for all to use.

Well, er, it didn't all go to plan I'm afraid. We found the Nether alright, but our efforts to open up a stable gateway have caused the dimensional boundaries to rip at the seams. If my calculations are correct, we've caused twelve tears somewhere out there in the world - and the hellish Nether mobs are escaping through them to wreak havoc! Noodle and I are working as fast as we can to permanently close the rifts and create a stable portal, but we can't do it while there are still loose beasts in our world. We'll get our equipment sorted out at Spawn, and in the meantime you'll need to venture into the world, find all twelve rifts and stop the outbreak at each one.

Here's the one we've spotted so far from our tower at Spawn, there must be more out there just like it:

Nether Rift

We can't risk opening the portal again until we know this is under control, so hop to it!

Professor MorganProfessor