IP: dwominecraft.com

Minecraft 1.15 is here!

04 April 2020

Alright folks, it's finally here- DWO Minecraft is officially on 1.15.2! We know a lot of you have been waiting a long time for an update, and with no small effort from our Admins, we've gotten there at long last. Now, considering the server version was 1.12.2 before this, there is a LOT of new stuff for you all to work with, and a few changes to how things work on the server itself!



The TARDISes have been reset, and the TARDIS plugin itself has seen some new updates. There's a (not so) new crafting recipe for seed blocks, which is essentially the same as the old one but without the blocks in the middle vertical row of the crafting table. If you use this recipe and it still doesn't work, check that all your blocks are correct- remember that some blocks won't work for walls and floors!

Alongside the seed block changes, there are four new TARDIS rooms to discover and mess about with:

  • The Aquarium: Ever wanted to see the Great Barrier Reef? Here's the TARDIS equivalent! The aquarium makes use of the 1.13 Aquatic Update features, and adds a colourful, coralful touch to your TARDIS. Grow this room using a tube coral block!


  • The Apiary: The epitome of the 1.15 update, it's bees. Bee hives everywhere. Don't confuse it with an aviary- if you want that, look into the birdcage room instead! You can grow this room using the bee hive block.


  • The Bamboo Forest: If you like the colour green, then you'll love this room. The bamboo forest adds a splash of nature to the TARDIS, and makes quite a nice bamboo maze as well! To grow this room, you'll need to place a bamboo stalk on a grass block.

  • The Shell Room
  • This room is a bit more complex than the others. It is, essentially, a hands-on version of the custom construct option in the chameleon circuit. On the central platform, you can build your own custom design, allowing you to view how your TARDIS exterior will look like when applied. The minimum requirement for a construct design is 1 block and a door, while the maxiumum size for a design is, as per usual, the 3x3x4 size (e.g. the size of the police box). On the side with the stone slab marker sticking out on the ground, you can place a sign that will appear on the TARDIS exterior, like the usual "[Name]'s Police Box" would. Any text that you put on the sign will be saved and viewable on the exterior (make sure to keep it appropriate!). To save your construct, press the button on the stone slab marker. You can grow this room using the dead brain coral block.


  • Inventories have been cleared across the different server worlds. We've given fair warning about this, so hopefully you've stored everything important in chests beforehand!
  • The plugin for locking chests and other items has changed. It is no longer lockette- instead we have blocklocker. It works on virtually the same principles as lockette, and the commands aren't that different! However, there is a new feature that comes with this update: The [Redstone] tag. By adding this to a locked container, hoppers can now access it. By adding this to a door, the door can then be opened by an activated redstone signal. You can still automatically lock containers by placing a sign on them, and can private trapdoors and doors by placing a sign and writing [Private] on the first line. To edit your privated signs, right click them and type /bl (line number) (text). Placing a second sign will also still allow you to add more users. For more information, check out the plugin here.
  • There are new build portals available! If you want to quickly access some of the server's major set builds, then the build portals room is the place to go. With the new update, we've added portals to St. Luke's University, The War Games, an updated Bannerman Road, and Telos. Make sure to check them out, and explore the server's many sets!
  • TARDIS Bays have been cleaned up. We've made things a bit neater now, so that the bays function more as parking rather than claimed spaces. If you can't place or break blocks, that's completely normal- you should be able to place blocks on top of the sea lanterns on the floor of each bay. If you're growing a TARDIS, place your seed on there, right click it with your key and it should grow as per usual!


  • I lost my stuff in the new update. Is there a way to get my inventory back? Nope. If you left anything in your inventory when we began to switch over to 1.15, it's gone for good.
  • I had my TARDIS console saved. How do I get this? Make a new TARDIS, then make a /modreq telling us. We'll try to get back to you when possible!
  • I didn't get my TARDIS console saved. Can it be restored? Afraid not. If you missed all our warnings about TARDISes being reset, then there's nothing we can do.
  • I wanted to play a game, but it's been disabled. Why? The big leap from 1.12.2 to 1.15.2 was not without consequences- recent updates have made major changes to commands and plugins alike, so many things no longer work as they once did. Games especially were hit hard. We'll be slowly trying to reintroduce games that have been broken beyond quick repair as we go, so please be patient!
  • My game is lagging badly now that the server is updated. Why? This depends- if you ask others and they also seem to be lagging, then there's a chance it's a server issue so let us know. If it's just you, then chances are it's on your end. Keep in mind that older systems may not run MC as well as they once did, and also that your connection may be struggling considering recent circumstances.
  • I found a bug/exploit/something that isn't working properly. What do I do? Tell us. Make a /modreq. We've been madly testing everything for a while, but there's always a chance we missed something. Don't assume that someone else will mention it- please let us know!