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A Decade of DWO Minecraft!

04 February 2022

February, 2012. Amy and Rory still aboard the TARDIS, Matt still rocking the tweed, and Minecraft has just released version 1.1. In just seven and a half series, two and two half Doctors, seven companions, three TARDIS interiors, six hundred timeslot changes, seventy Minecraft updates and who knows how many blocks placed later here were are, celebrating a decade of DWO Minecraft!!

Celebrating 10 Years Online

This month we're turning ten whole years old, which is absolutely barmy. That's ten years of tardis building, spoiler chatting, game playing, cobble parking, survival surviving, frontios breaking, puzzle solving, pixel art making, present finding, rumour milling, london exploring, sandbox clearing and memory making - which is a long winded way to say that it's ten years of us lot playing Minecraft together, thanks to a mild curiosity in a junkyard.

So to celebrate, we've a calendar of special events and fun things to open all throughout February before our birthday party on the 22nd, starting with - DOUBLE GAMES NIGHTS!! Every Saturday and Sunday this month, we'll be having extra bumper games nights of Doctor Who themed games and nonsense, so start clearing your schedules.

Games Nights Saturday and Sunday 6:00PM

Stay tuned for what's next, and in the meantime get yourselves to the minecraft discussion channel on our Discord and start digging out those old screenshots because we wanna see them. Who's got a treasured picture of their first ever build? Or cobble London?? Or grass London???