IP: dwominecraft.com

Sandbox Reset - 20/06/15

20 June 2015

The Sandbox will be cleared on Friday July 3rd, just less than two weeks away. Make sure to make a /modreq if you want any of your builds saved or moved. For the record, saved is just saving a copy of your build so you can continue work on it, moved is actually moving it to the non-Sandbox area for permanent display, and is only for finished builds. Please make sure you know which you want before you ask.

We'll also be introducing some more rules in regards to Sandbox builds:

  • Spamming long lines of blocks will now be considered griefing and dealt with accordingly.
  • We will remove unfinished/junk builds if they remain untouched for long enough. It's not even funny how many people have started building a TARDIS, only to get bored and leave a big blue box outline in the Sandbox. These builds will now be considered junk and removed.
  • We'll also trim junk like beacons, crafting tables, anvils and jukeboxes that people seem incapable of removing when they're done using them.

Finally, please please report grief. We physically cannot patrol every inch of every build in the Sandbox every day, and it's up to you guys to tell us if you get griefed. Even if it's just some small build that you didn't like, the griefer won't have just stopped at your build and you'll help clean someone else's up.