IP: dwominecraft.com


Server Rules

The server rules are simple but must be followed by all players. You can do /rules on the server to read them or view them here.

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Name changer

Name changes are blocked on the DWO Minecraft server by default. However, if you would like to change your name, this is the place to do it!

You can only change your username on DWO once every 6 months, so be sure to choose wisely - you'll be stuck once you change!

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Rank info


This is the base rank for all players on the server. Gallifreyans can explore, build, and play all over the server, and grow their own working TARDIS.


The Cardinal rank is a thank you to players who donate to the server to keep it running. In return, Cardinals can grow even more TARDIS consoles, use textured heads in Creative builds, view HD server maps, access the exclusive Hedgewick’s World, and much more!


This is only a temporary rank, given to players who are growing their TARDIS rooms.



Guards are the first rank of staff. Like all staff, they exist to look after the server and deal with issues, questions and misbehaving players. Guards also assist Moderators and Admins with the ongoing improvements to the server.


Along with the duties of a Guard, Moderators have the additional responsibilities of banning and unbanning players, undoing griefs, assigning plots, saving builds, clearing the sandbox, and developing the server - to name but a few.


The Admins are the staff members responsible for the server’s well being and have final say in all the big decisions.