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The Dalek Mod!

1 April 2021

You might have heard the recent unfortunate news that a fire temporarily took down the official Dalek Mod server. Obviously this is a tragedy, and far be it from us to sit idly by and not help those few lost players who cannot live without it. It's been requested since almost day one, and it's finally time - DWO is getting the Dalek Mod!

A classy and tasteful announcement photo

Of course, we're still committed to being a pure vanilla server for unmodded Java & Bedrock, which means we've taken it upon ourselves to build an entirely server-side version of the Dalek Mod, just for DWO! You can play it yourself right now, simply by logging into the server at dwominecraft.com - no mod needed.

Please note that while we did try and remember the mod's features, their server was down (y'know, because of the fire) so we've just sort of... guessed.

Please do let us know if you find any bugs, but I doubt it.


Survival Portals

15 December 2020

Your hard work this Christmas is really starting to pay off! While you were busy helping Kerblam, Morgan and Noodle have been investigating those malfunctioning robots you found - and from what they've learnt about their fancy teleportation circuits, they've managed to reproduce a way for everyone to utilise the teleport tech! Introducing Survival Portals - a new means for you to navigate around the world, and help players find your towns and other points of interest.

Spawn Portal

There are two main entry gate to the network at Spawn, on the South Side - one on each level of the Spawn building. Right click on the sign to scroll through the list of available destinations, then hit the button to open the portal when you find where you want to go.

Before you go sticking portals up everywhere though, remember this is very intricate, new technology - so it's expensive to get it running. Creating a portal will cost you 50,000 credits, so make sure you're doing it right! You can't get your credits back after it's been created, so be sure it's in position you want and check the name for spelling errors.

To create your own portal, you need to construct this template:

Survival Portal Template

To build the template, you'll need:

  • 50,000 credits
  • 2 Chiselled Polished Blackstone
  • 3 Warped Hyphae
  • 2 Shroomlight
  • 7 Obsidian
  • 2 Block of Netherite
  • Any sign of your choice

Once you've built it the frame, place your sign on the right hand Block of Netherite, and put the name you want for your portal on the first line. You don't need anything else! Remember that the name you choose will be visible to all other players, and be how they recognise your portal from the directory when scrolling through it.

portal name

Only the name of your portal - nothing else!

And that's it! Once you write the sign, you will automatically be charged your 50,000 credits, the connection button will appear on the left-hand Netherite Block, and your portal is connected to the network. Happy portalling!

Professor Morgan was very vague when I asked if this is breaching any of Kerblam's intellectual property rights, so please use the technology at your own disrection. We're not responsible if you get taken to Kandokan Court.


Kerblam Kerfuffle

12 December 2020

Great work everyone, every package we ordered has been successfully found and returned to us in the Gallery! All our Christmas gifts - the Ride, the Snowball Arena, a Survival Store, a brand new TARDIS Console, and Glacier Intelligence - are back, unpacked, and ready to use! Seems like we've a lot of leftover packages addressed to citizens of London though.

Let's check in with the Thorpe Investigates crew, hopefully they've had plenty time to find out what happened.

Oh, er, yes maybe we should've realised that using an inter-galactic delivery company might've come with some complications. Those smiley Postman just seemed so trustworthy! You heard Judy though - it looks like we're going to need to do some posting of our own, and get these packages back to their intended destinations. Chat to Judy and she'll give you a package to deliver, all you need to do is check the label and find the right person in London to give it to! I'm sure we could also help them out with mapping London for future deliveries - who knows the city better than you guys after all this? The Kerblam Engineers are up in the BT Tower trying to figure out flight paths, so go have a chat with them. And, er, maybe someone should check in on Morgan and Noodle before they run around and wreak their usual havoc with those lost robots.

Packaging Room

They're all waiting for us in the Package Room - just follow the green line from Creative Spawn. Make sure you chat to all of them to find out what they need you to do, and to see how we're progressing with getting this Christmas finally back on track. Help contribute to any one of their challenges and you can grab yourself the limited edition event pin.

Let's make Kerblam proud!


Delivery Disaster

01 December 2020

Apologies everyone, we were expecting the decorations and prizes for Christmas to have arrived by now. We had hoped they'd show up today, but after watching tonight's episode of Thorpe Investigates, it looks like we might have some more work on our hands.

It seems that they aren't just late, but the delivery company has totally messed up our order. All the presents that we've been waiting for to give to you have got lost in the post, along with all of the decorations ordered by the London government. Sorry for the mess! Since it seems from that video that the Mayor's office are too lazy to do it themselves, it'd be a real great hand if you guys could help us gather up all the packages. They're lost all across the city, so you'll need to get hunting into every nook and cranny to find everything we ordered.

Package Room

We've opened up our Package Storeroom in the National Gallery to keep all the gifts we gather up in the meantime, and so you guys can keep an eye on how many we've found. Oh, and it looks like some of these packages were mishandled pretty badly, so they're a bit damaged - if you get lucky, you can keep anything that falls out of a package you find!

Once we have our usual Christmas gifts back and all the ones lost in London are found, the Thorpe Investigates crew will have hopefully had enough time to figure out what happened to cause all this...


Christmas 2020 on DWO

01 December 2020

Ah, December 1st. The nights have drawn in, a chill grows in the air, and the snow begins to fall on DWO!

Trafalgar Square

Our faithful tree is back in Trafalgar Square, and we invite you all again to wrap presents beneath it for your friends. The Cardinal Gift Block is available once more, to allow you to leave the Cardinal rank under the tree for your favourite Gallifreyan. New for this year is the ability to wrap up Credits, so your Survival friends don't feel too left out from the festivities. Read the instructions under the tree to learn how to wrap gifts or credits, and click any presents you see to check the labels - see if you can find one someone has left for you! You can wrap presents all the way through to the 24th of December, then come back from Christmas morning to unwrap your gifts.

Yule Ball

Christmas also means it's almost time for the Yule Ball! The ball this year will be taking place on Saturday the 19th of December, in its sixth new secret venue. Time to dust off your best skin and prepare for another night of high class entertainment that will undoubtedly devolve into pig and boat related firework chaos. As is tradition.

During the evening we'll be hosting the DWO Minecraft Awards Ceremony, where we take a moment to congratulate and appreciate your favourite friends and players of this year. CLICK HERE TO VOTE FOR THE 2020 AWARDS and nominate your candidate in each category, then don't forget to turn up on the night when the winners are announced! Who will be taking home one of the exclusive Trophy Pins this year?

The rest of the decorations across London will hopefully start going up shortly, unfortunately some things might be a bit delayed this year due to circumstances outside of our control. Sorry! We'll try our best to get everything ready in the next few days.