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Games Aboard Satellite 5

1 April 2023

Err, it appears we may have been too hasty. It turns out you all liked those old games a little more than we expected. Apologies, King of the Ring just isn't the smash hit we thought it would be.

Unfortunately the budget of rebuilding King of the Ring thirty times was quite large, and we were forced to sell off the old games to afford it. They're now the sole property of the Bad Wolf Corporation, so if you ever want to play them again you'll need to take a trip up to Satellite 5! Handily accessible through the same old Games portal you're used to, and the /gamesworld command. Please don't feed the Jagrafess.

Satellite 5


King of the Ring

1 April 2023

On DWO, Saturday night means Games Night! But the truth of having so many games is that we've all got our favourites, and we know that sometimes people aren't getting the most out of the Games World when they just wanna play their favourite game over and over. We want to make sure everyone loves every second of Games Night, and nobody is left behind throwing porkchops on the ground. And the only way to fix that is to make every game the absolute best game it can be...

Which means it's time for the return of King of the Ring! Taking it's rightful place as the only game in the Games World, hours of endless fun are to be had in smacking each with swords until you fall off a big circle. No more worrying about who dropped the Source, or who's the impostor - it's impossible to not have a good time playing the same game over and over until you're crowned King of the Ring. It's a game so good, who even needs any of those other old ones!

Join us tonight for the inaugural King of the Ring Games Night, where we'll be playing everything from King of the Ring, to King of the Ring. Starting at 6pm tonight, and ending never - don't be late!

King of The Ring


The Dolk Invasion of Christmas

04 December 2022

"Three long years. Time is not a kind friend, but time is all I have. My first move may have come across some counteraction. But I have played the long game ever since."

This is a time of year the humans call 'Christmas'. Already they are getting underway with their festivities. But now that I, Dave Ross, am free, I shall reap my revenge at last. This time I shall triumph, Nothing will stop me from becoming the true leader of this world. This, is my ultimate victory, Dolks! The destruction... of Christmas... itself!

These tidings of festivity and celebration will cease. Those who do not conform to my ideology shall be removed. This order cannot be countermanded.

Resistance is futile. If you dare resist us, there will be consequences.


Dave RossDave

Christmas 2022 on DWO

01 December 2022

The tree is back in pride of place, the Thames has begun to freeze over, and a light dusting of snow has settled over London. Here we go again!

Photo of snowy Trafalgar

As is tradition, you can now wrap up your presents below the tree for your friends and fellow players to open on Christmas morning. You've got until the 24th to leave your gifts, so head over and read the signs to see how. As usual you can also wrap up credits, or even buy a Cardinal Gift Block for that special Gallifreyan you think deserves it. Plus as with last year - you can wrap presents in Survival too! Then come the 25th, hop onto the server and get digging through the pile to find the ones left for you and tear them open!

And of course - the Yule Ball returns for 2022! Held in another secret location, this year's Ball will be on the 17th of December! Mark your calendars, dig out your smartest skins, and RSVP to the Discord event for a night of typical DWO nonsense to celebrate Christmas!

During the night we'll be announcing the winners of the The 2022 DWO Minecraft Awards - as voted for by you! CLICK HERE TO VOTE for your winners in each category, to show some love to the players who've really made their mark on 2022. Come back on the night to see if you'll be taking home one of this year's exclusive pins for your trophy collection!

But there's another special guest this Christmas - you've dabbled with Santa, now meet the genuine article!

Love & Christmas Logo

It's some kind of... Abzorbasanta? An Absantaloff? A Santabzorbaloff! Yes I like that! Well he's taken up residence in our National Gallery, and will be dishing out presents every day from now 'til Christmas. Just don't ask us where he's keeping them, or why every gift is a bit... slimy. Come back tomorrow at 6pm for the first - merry Clom-mas!

Abzorbasanta in the National Gallery


Let Battle Commence

28 October 2022

Psst... pssst... you looking for a thrill? A bit of danger?

Well, it seems that shady character that's been loitering at Survival Spawn won't go away, no matter how nicely we've asked. Please try not to engage with him, or his dodgy dealings - he's nothing to do with us, so we can't guarantee anything you buy from him won't put you in danger. That said, if you're sure you want to go down this road...

Introducing PVP Altars to Survival! Ancient magical artifacts, imbued with power we don't really understand that will apparently let you bypass the PVP protections in the world. If you're sure this is something you want to do, the shifty salesman will happily hook you up with an altar - for a substantial price.

You can place these altars anywhere in Survival, and they can be moved easily afterwards. Interacting with any altar will give you the ability to enable PVP for yourself, for a small fee, and let you kill anyone else in the world who's also taken the risk. Build your own custom arenas or underground fight clubs with a PVP Altar as the centrepiece, and do battle with your friends. The protection will be restored however if you wander too far from the altar, or leave the world - so no cowardly running away!

If you die to PVP, we won't help you. This is a risk you take on alone! We won't get your stuff back, or stop people stealing your stuff. If safety's what you want, don't do business with tricky traders round the back of a shack!