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Introducing Cardinal+

01 April 2019


You've been asking for it, and it's finally here - our first new rank in five years, Cardinal+! So many of our players already have the Cardinal rank but still wish to give back to the server, and who are we to say no. So today we're introducing another level of donator ranks - Cardinal+ is the ultimate way to show off your support of DWO, and you'll get some pretty sweet perks in return.

Those perks include:

  • Pets!

    • Get your very own mob pet in either Creative or Survival. Just do /pet [type] to spawn in your pet!
  • Exclusive hats!

    • As an expansion to the Cardinal /hat command, Cardinal+ will now have access to the extremely fashionable /hat pig
  • More portable inventories!

    • In addition to craft and enderchest, Cardinal+ brings /chest, which functions exactly the same as a normal chest.
  • Nick names in main chat!

    • No longer exclusive to roleplay, Cardinal+ can use /nick to use a custom Nick name in the main chat.
  • Private Sandbox!

    • Sandbox+ is an exclusive new building area in Creative, only for plus ranks! You'll never have to put up with rubbish builds near yours again.
  • Better hunger in Survival!

    • We've upgraded Minecraft's hunger system to be more realistic, only for plus players.
  • New mobility commands!

    • Speed ahead of the competition with /boost, a speed boost command!
      Please note this only works while sneaking.
    • Reach new heights with /launch, which will let you fly up into the air and scale walls easier than ever before!

Finally as an extra special thank you to everyone who's helped us get to this point, all existing Gallifreyans and Cardinals will recieve plus ranks for free!

Cardinal+ is available now in the store for only £6000 - upgrade now!


Seven Years Young

21 February 2019

Birthday Collage

Tomorrow marks SEVEN whole years of the Doctor Who Online Minecraft server. We've been here pottering away through six series, three Doctors, two showrunners, and one Nardole. Seven years ago to the day, those original few of us all joined on that beach together, and within just a few short hours we had set it on fire. Ah memories. Over the years it's gone from that, to a big empty field, to Cardiff, to Cardiff inside London for some reason, to the massive world we play in now. You guys have built literally thousands of Daleks, TARDISes, character statues, monsters, TARDISes, favourite episode sets, TARDISes, oh my god so many TARDISes please stop. Fun fact: we still have the original, first Dalek someone ever built way back in 2012. It's practically vintage now.

This year saw another new Who series come and go, with the now traditional DWO launch party on either side, and ended with a bang when Christmas came and went then came back again (thanks to your help!). Hopefully that won't be the last of what's become the ongoing DWO soap opera, so you'll have to stay tuned this year to find out what happens next...

To celebrate, we'll be kicking off year eight with a bang at the DWO Seventh Birthday Party! Join us tomorrow night for unlimited cake and unlimited rice pudding at Trafalgar Square to do the usual spamming fireworks until someone complains. I'm sure there'll be some impromptu games and messing around as usual, so don't miss it!​


A Christmas Wrap-up

31st December 2018

Our Very Ood Christmas Carol has reached its conclusion, but the song never ends...

We thought we'd give a brief round-up of what's gone down so those of you who couldn't make the event can catch up.

Christmas is Cancelled!

After a brief announcement heralding the return of the classic DWO Advent Calendar, it seemed that Christmas was well and truly cancelled. Luckily, the DWO News team were on hand to report the dramatic events of that day, which you can find above on our YouTube channel.

It appeared that Mayor Niles Kress collaborated with a certain Mr Scrooge (or more rather was paid) to take down all Christmas decorations and festivities around London. And so began the 'Anti-Christmas saga'. Information seemed scarce, until...

A London Break-In

In what was another shocking event, Scrooge was 'visited' by a strange figure from his past in the middle of the night. The DWO News team, again, reported the breaking news but the true surprise came with the announcement of...

A Very Ood Christmas Carol

The Elder Ood brought with him a change to our Christmas room, along with a visitation of a certain Mr Rand to Scrooge and three Ood to convince Scrooge to change his ways. It was, of course, up to you to help the Ood to convince Scrooge to see the error of his ways and reform, bringing Christmas back to one and all.

The Ood of Christmas Past

The first Ood took you back to a familiar if strange place - the London world from the past, otherwise known as Scrooge's childhood. By crafting familiar Christmassy items from random items scattered around the world, you slowly increased the Christmas cheer, restoring the acclaimed Christmas ride, the strangely unscathed MineMart with some exclusive Survival items, and a new minigame - Race to the Centre of the TARDIS 2!

While it was beginning to look a lot like Christmas, the two Ood were still yet to come...

The Ood of Christmas Present

Scrooge's actions in the present day were yet to be checked by the Ood, so the Ood of Christmas Present brought the opportunity for you to spread your cheer back to the present. After flying here there and everywhere over London in a new Elytra Challenge, you restored the Christmas decorations in London, along with the classic (but redesigned Snow Forts game) and a new Christmas Market. New presents soon followed, with the introduction of the 13th Doctor's TARDIS console and a new set of levels for The Dropper. All that remained was to secure the return of Santa, who had mysteriously been kidnapped live on DWO News earlier in the month!

The Ood of Christmas Yet To Come

The Ood of Christmas Yet To Come sent you into the future, a 'silent' London that had suffered dearly without Santa able to deliver presents and keep Christmas going. By finding the nine lost reindeer, the location of where Mayor Kress had sold his sleigh, and clues to where the man himself was being held captive, you were able to ensure that Christmases yet to come could come at all. The world offered a slew of items to help find the Christmas icons, with clues in the future allowing you to successfully find all three (or 11) in time to prevent that horrible future.

As a celebration from the Ood, on Saturday 29th December the Survival End reset, with not one but three Dragons to conquer. As well as launching some new and exclusive products on Redbubble earlier in the month, a Buycraft store sale of 20% off was also now announced as a reward for finding Santa's sleigh and finally, it seemed that after Santa was found, Christmas was well and truly saved once and for all. Even Scrooge had learnt the error of his ways thanks to your efforts.

The DWO News team again caught up on the unfolding events, which you can watch here:

And of course, the final gift for saving Christmas was the brand new Genesis of the Cybermen game. Debuting not long after the Yule Ball and the second DWO Minecraft Awards the previous day (hosted this year at St. Paul's Cathedral and featuring surprise appearances by towers of animals), the game is sure to be a great hit for Games Night. Check out the trailer below!

We hope you all have a great festive season and a great new year! Be sure to let us know what your favourite gift from this year's Christmas event is!


The Ood Of Christmas Yet To Come

19th December 2018

"As the last stroke ceased to vibrate, he lifted up his eyes and beheld a solemn Phantom, draped and hooded, coming, like a mist along the ground, towards him."

The Ood of Christmas Yet To Come

At the Elder of the Ood predicted, the Ood of Christmas Yet To Come has arrived in the Oodsphere to show to Scrooge the full consequences of his actions. You've successfully managed to bring the Christmas cheer to the past and present, but the future is already a long lost cause - no amount of spreading cheer can make up for the absence of Father Christmas himself.

To restore peace to the future once and for all, you'll need to rescue some important things that went mysteriously missing earlier this month: nine reindeer, one sleigh and one old fat man in a red suit. Travel to the future to see if you can find any clues for where they might be. The Ood have provided you with their future-gazing snow globe, and you'll need to bring items you find around the world back to it to track down what's missing.

Putting different items into the snow globe will help visualise where different things may be, and you can track how close it's getting to locating them with the signs on the side. The more items you can give it, the close and closer it will be able to locate what you seek. If you can return each of the three, the Ood of Christmas Yet To Come will reward you generously for your efforts. They can be found in any order, depending entirely on how well you do with this challenge.

Note that you may have to have a way to prove you've found them - make sure you get a screenshot with each of them as you manage it (in case it happens during the middle of the night!).

Good luck!


The Ood Of Christmas Present

12th December 2018

"The moment Scrooge's hand was on the lock, a strange voice called him by his name, and bade him enter."

The Ood of Christmas Present

The Ood of Christmas Present has arrived in the Oodsphere to show Scrooge how his actions have affected us all in the present day. After bribing the Mayor at the start of the month, Scrooge has left this world barren and free from festivities - you've crafted vast amounts of Christmas cheer, now it's time to help spread it back over London. Go to the Ood and read his instructions, then take on the challenge to bring Christmas Cheer back to the present. As you help to spread Christmas Cheer, the Ood will repay you by helping to return some of the lost festive gifts. This Ood has three prizes to give, which need 100,000 Christmas Cheer each to unlock.

These numbers might change, but given how well you got on with the last Ood I think you need a challenge. We'll tweak the targets as we go if we feel we need to. There's no rush, you've got till the end of the month to spread cheer. Finally, when prizes are unlocked, it might not always be immediate. We want to give everyone a chance to turn up for new presents, and because we can’t always release things straight away. We’ll keep you up to date with what’s unlocked and when to expect it.

Good luck!