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Introducing Discord!

15 July 2018


We got a Discord! For players unfamiliar with Discord, it's a VoiP platform that allows you to keep in touch with other players while you're not on Minecraft. There's apps available on most platforms, so you can stay connected on your phone as well.

We're keeping it very simple and streamlined to start with - there's two chat channels, which are linked to game channels. #chat is the server chat, and #spoilers the spoiler chat. Bear in mind anything you type goes through to the server and vice versa, so no whining about people behind their back! As a result I'd recommend setting your notifications to mentions only so you're not bombarded. When you start seeing people chatting in game with the little purple 'd', those are players on Discord.

Same with voice channels, for now we're just having one general channel and one spoilers, with a few others for Games - and only to be used for games. We won't be adding anything like secret chats for Cardinals or Staff or any of that (yet). Once we see how people use Discord and want to use it, we might be making changes to all of this to suit.

Please make sure you read the rules in the #rules channel, especially the one about making sure your nickname is the same as (or similar to) your DWO username. If we can't figure out who you are, you'll be kicked. Obviously usual rules apply, don't be an idiot use common sense etc.



Happy Birthday!

22 February 2018

Birthday Party

Age my dear - and it seems not a moment too soon!

We've turned six! Log in to get your exclusive 6th Birthday Pin, then grab yourself some fireworks and cake and drinks and whatever else you can find to lob at each other. Make sure you're wearing your fanciest skins and we'll be tweeting your party pics all night long - plus I'm sure we'll try and beat last years mega-selfie.

Twitch Logo

But that's not all! To welcome us into our Seventh Year of Server..ing, we'll be receiving the Minecraft equivalent of a telegram from the Queen - a visit from Minecraft makers Microsoft! From 9pm UK time (1pm PST) this FRIDAY the 23RD, they will be streaming live from the server to check out your awesome builds and play some games with you guys. Make sure you hop on if you wanna be in with a chance of getting on the stream and helping make their experience awesome! We'll be hosting Games Night on Friday instead of Saturday so that they can take part and so that you guys can absolutely destr- I mean be good sports in Sky Ships with them.

9pm UK time, Friday 23rd, twitch.tv/minecraft.​


Week One Roundup

10 December 2017

Eight of our twelve Doctors have arrived on the server this week to bring challenges and rewards, but what with so many Doctors about we thought we'd give a roundup of who has appeared and where to ensure you don't miss out on what the Doctors have to offer!

The First Doctor: The Christmas Ride

The First Doctor was (fittingly) first to arrive and he brought with him our annual update to the Christmas Ride, which features recreations of scenes from every New Series Christmas special. This year, though, we also added a small snippet from this year's story, Twice Upon a Time. To find the First Doctor and have a go on the ride, visit our National Gallery and you'll find his TARDIS parked outside.

The Eleventh Doctor: Snowman Competition

The Eleventh Doctor introduced a snowman building competition to the server, which will run until the end of the month. Already we are seeing some fantastic entries in our snowman building area, which can be accessed by visiting the Eleventh Doctor's TARDIS parked in the park nearest to the Royal Victoria DLR Station in London!

We've already received some awesome submissions - have you started yours?

The Eighth Doctor: Buycraft Sale

The Eighth Doctor wanted to thank you for your help in the Gang Wars game last year, so when he landed he revealed a sale on Buycraft - 20% off everything. He also revealed that if a donation goal on Buycraft is met then access to Hedgewick's World will be open to everyone for the rest of the month. You can find the Eighth Doctor and his TARDIS near the original Coal Hill School in London behind the building where the Skovox Blitzer roamed in The Caretaker!

The Ninth Doctor: Awards Ceremony Voting

The annual Yule Ball will be taking place on Saturday 23rd December at the Royal Albert Hall, but this year there will be awards whose winners will be decided by you! There are several categories open for voting, which closes at 23:59pm GMT, Thursday 21st December, so get voting! The full information post is available to read on our forums, here.

If you can't access the forums, here's a link to the form where you can cast your votes. You can find the Ninth Doctor and his TARDIS at the Powell Estate in London.

The Fourth Doctor: Five New TARDIS Rooms

The Fourth Doctor brought with him five new TARDIS rooms available for purchase on the Buycraft store.

The Observatory:

The Engine Room:

The Cloister Room:

The Laboratory:

The Trophy Room:

Owners of the Trophy room can also create double the amount of trophies anywhere on the server, so you can display even more of your hard-earned pins. You can find the Fourth Doctor and his TARDIS in the Paternoster Sewers near St. Paul's!

The Sixth Doctor: Skin Competition

Owing to his flamboyant dress sense, the Sixth Doctor brought with him a skin competition! You can enter in several categories:

  • The Rudolph Prize: The player with the skin that stands out the most amongst all others as unique, well-made and interesting.
  • The Doctor Prize: The player whose skin brings a Doctor Who touch to their Christmas skin!
  • The Jolly Santa Prize: The most festive and Christmassy skin of them all! Further information about how you can enter this competition is on our submissions form here.

You can find the Sixth Doctor's TARDIS (with him inside of course!) at the Doctor Who Experience in London at Earl's Court! Look carefully as you go round the exhibits.

The Fifth Doctor: New Pins

Following the introduction of pins earlier this year, there now are 25 brand new ones brought in with the Fifth Doctor's arrival to London. There's loads of them to discover, some of which are harder to obtain than others...

You can find the Fifth Doctor and his TARDIS in an open garage in Albert Square (aka Walford/EastEnders) in London!

The Twelfth Doctor: Elytra Flying Course

Finally, the Twelfth Doctor brought with him an eltyra flying course at the top of the BT Tower in London! The course allows you to fly all around London as you try to get a good score and race to the top of the leaderboard! The boffin behind the project, Professor Star, and two assistants await you and are looking forward to giving you their experimental technology to try out!

You can find the Twelfth Doctor parked at the bottom of the BT Tower in London in an adjacent park - just make sure he has time to learn Beethoven's 5th beyond the first two bars! Of course, that's not all we have for you! Keep your eyes peeled on the Doctor Detector in the National Gallery for future sightings of the other Doctors...


Walking in a Winter Wonderland - Christmas 2017 on DWO

01 December 2017

I'm sure you all know by now what the 1st of December means on DWO - Christmas has officially begun!

The snow has already started to fall over London, and the citizens are putting up their decorations. The Queen has moved inside her Palace, and the sun has started to move again with these cold winter nights.

And of course, it isn't Christmas without presents. The DWO tree has returned to Trafalgar Square with its bare trunk showing again, ready to be swamped with your gifts for each other. To wrap a gift, just place a chest below the tree and fill with gifts, then type /wrap [player] and right click to wrap it up! Once Christmas morning arrives, you can unwrap any gifts left under there for you. As usual there's also the Cardinal Gift Block available on the store, if you're feeling extra generous! Just wrap it in the present and the unsuspecting member will get their rank on Christmas day!

The sometimes-annual Yule Ball returns for it's third year! The Ball will be held on the 23rd of December, taking over another new venue in London. Make sure you have your sharpest suits and frocks ready for a night of music, messing around, and inevitably boats. There always seem to be boats at these things.

Hope to see you all there!

But of course, that couldn't really be all we have for you.

This month marks one other very special occasion - the arrival of the 13th Doctor, and the departure of the 12th. But before he goes, the Doctor is coming to DWO for one last visit. And you didn't know when you were well off - all twelve of them!

Everyone's real true love, each of the 12 Doctors will be making a pre-Christmas visit to DWO to drop off a present! I can only hope it doesn't go like the song and we end up having to start a zoo of swans and turtle doves. When each Doctor arrives in London, we'll rely on you guys to find wherever they've c̶r̶a̶s̶h̶e̶d̶ intentionally landed, and to see what they've brought us.

The Doctor unfortunately isn't well known for his time keeping, nor his punctuality. We can't promise that they'll all show up on their right days, or even in the right order! They could be landing at any time in any time zone, so you better be on your toes! To help out with the confusion, we've set up our Doctor-detecting room in the National Gallery which might be able to give you an advance warning for when one of them is on their way. It'll also show you who's already landed, should you be struggling to find where they've parked.

I have reason to believe one TARDIS may already be beginning to materalise.. ;)

We hope you all have a very merry Christmas on DWO!


Wadsworth Explains...

01 November 2017

I'm happy to report that the murder has been successfully solved! Six people deduced all the clues correctly and found the culprit and their weapon. To help make sense of the last week's events, we must turn to our trusty butler Wadsworth, to lay it all out for us...

So, with eight suspects and six weapons and two policemen and one body, the question is who did it? Well we can rule out the obvious straight away - those protesting students have been chained to that fence since they got here, and with only Bill Witchell’s stolen wrench to free themselves! Quite rightly you caught this, and ALL avoided them!

But there’s another suspect with no votes - the Queen herself! Queen Liz was suspiciously absent from the Games Night, and claims to have been watching television the entire time! And yet, her crown jewels still missing would imply she wanted to get into Rand’s safe, so did she? Well, if she supposedly phones the vote numbers every night one must only take a trip to the BT tower to pry into her private phone logs and confirm that yes! - she was in all night spending your money voting for Richard Coles. Do nobody tell her he was voted out weeks ago, lest she chops off your head.

Now with six suspects left to peruse it gets more interesting, as these suspects ALL received votes! Firstly to start with poor Barry & Keith, whom only one of you believed could be the murderers-at-large - and the two people who have been carrying around mighty great axes throughout this entire evening! But as anyone who made a visit to the post office will know, this pair were up to something much more sinister - YOGA! Following of course their exhaustive tower jobs standing around all day they spent their Saturday evening at Slim Jim’s Gym stretching their lycra.

But of course they were not the ONLY ex-Tower employees under suspicion - who could forget charming chap Groundskeeper Billie. A man so foul-mouthed and Scottish he could only have been up to no good - and with a bloodied axe in his basement none looks more guilty! Of course as all you super sleuths spotted, the blood belonged to sheep! But why would a Scotsman be out murdering sheep in the dead of night - Mr. Butcher? Yes Mr George Butcher the Butcher, local London Butcher and notably out of mutton, formerly a supplier of Mr Billie with haggis! And haggis, though popular in Scots cuisine, are not often to be found in Washington D.C. - the Groundskeeper is killing those sheep and making it himself! Which of course anyone who could decipher his dialogue would have understood.

SO - no axe and no wrench, and four suspects eliminated leaves us with one plus two plus two plus one - FOUR a piece! This is where it gets interesting, and where our new detectives had most trouble discerning the fact from the fiction. On preliminary investigations throughout the casino, an obvious place to look would be the security room to replay the CCTV footage from before and after the power cut - and lo behold, two of our suspects! Mr Andrew Clark, boastful millionaire and owner of large circular objects, and Mr Niles Kress, supposedly respectable mayor of the city! And while this footage may appear to incriminate them both, one of these men is clearly INNOCENT!- of murder at least. Clark could never have entered that casino, as he has long been on the list of barred patrons due to his repeated harassment of our victim! He walks right past the door and round to the back, to leave his mark on the casino in another way - graffiti! A vandal he may be, but a murderer he is not!

But Mr. Kress on the other hand denies all knowledge of being at the casino that night - he was at the launch of Romeo and Juliet! A play all scholars know involves… deadly poison! Poison which must never have left the theatre however, as our poor Juliet confirms - it was being used in the play! So how did Mr. Kress kill Rand? With his giant ribbon cutting scissors he had brought to the theatre for the opening? NO OF COURSE NOT! Those scissors stayed in the theatre all night, he can be clearly seen on CCTV unarmed and not even trying to hide! The Mayor, having snuck out of a frankly dreadful performance of Romeo & Juliet through the sewers to the casino - a building he personally made sure was built, because, what else - he’s a crippled gambling addict. So much council tax money going missing, the underground being broken all week and the power out - siphoned off for Mr. Kress’ personal habits!

And now the most fought battleground - the two suspects who received the lion’s share of your voting. One innocent, one guilty as sin. One a man of the cloth, and one with an abhorrent taste in clothes. Both live AND work right next door to that casino, and had ample opportunity to sneak inside and do the deed! Mr Cooper claims he is meeting with his other client, yet Father Jack claims he was hosting Saturday mass in the Cathedral. But who is telling the truth? Of course, neither of these slimy fellows are - a quick chat with local London gardener Leslie Hiller would reveal that Father Jack was absent from this week’s mass, and sneaking around Cooper’s other construction at Canary Wharf shows that his client was actually meeting on Friday, and was away the entire weekend. So two men right next door to the casino, both with significant money issues, and both with faulty alibis.

Well Mrs Peacock, we must prove that either of these two men were doing something else - something they are not willing to admit to the police. But after some conversing, it is clear that Father Jack has access to not one but _two _potential murder weapons - the candlestick, stolen from his very church, and the lead piping, broken by casino construction! But talking to the Father also shines an unsettling light on a dirty habit - dwindling donations related to an obsession.. with FUNKOS! As anyone knows, those plastic lumps are not cheap. For a man like Father Jack, collecting toy figures would require some extra income - stolen from donations to fix the church! But to confirm Jack’s whereabouts at the time of the murder, we need to trace these Funkos back to their source - Forbidden Planet. It is lucky our priest tried to cover his tracks, as he left his receipt right there at the counter - dated right at the time of the murder with £240 spent on toys!! A heinous waste of kindly donated money.

Which leaves but one man.. Mr Gregory COOPER! The architect of this casino and the architect of this entire crime! Left out of pocket following Rand’s ever-changing design demands, Cooper became obsessed with retrieving his payday. But he knew a secret, something shared between only himself and Mr. Rand - the location of his hidden safe. Seizing his opportunity during games night, he makes his way to the casino when BANG - London finally reaches breaking point, the grid surges, and the entire city’s power goes out. Leaving his office in the darkness, he spots the only building left with light - candlelight. He sneaks inside St. Paul’s while Father Jack is absent, grabs himself a candle to navigate by and heads into the casino. But there’s one thing he DIDN’T count on - Mr. Rand still being inside his office! The two scuffle in the dark, and our intruder must use the only weapon he has to hand, a giant brass candlestick! With one mighty blow, the soft wax snaps straight off the stuck. Luckily for Mr Cooper, he has no more need for the flame as the power is restored, leaving him to ransack the billionaire’s safe. And his intricate knowledge of the building allows him to leave without being seen by the cameras - through the hidden escape tunnel to the roof! Taking his bounty and his weapon, he scales to the rooftop and makes his way down through the car park, exiting right outside his own office. Still nerve racked from the altercation, he forgets to replace the candlestick to St. Paul’s and keeps it on his desk, right in front of investigative eyes this entire time.

Take him away Mr. Hoover!

I'm sorry, he does like to elaborate a bit. To summarise - it was of course Gregory Cooper with the Candlestick! Well done to everyone who took part, and a congratulations to those who got it bang on. Enjoy your limited edition never-available-again pins, and please don't sell them on ebay.

Until next Halloween..!