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Name Changes Notice

04 February 2015

As most of you are no doubt aware, name changes were added to Minecraft today. You can change your name by going to your Mojang account page and clicking 'Change' (obviously). However, you'll notice your name doesn't change if you log into DWO - this isn't a bug.

Name changes are by default blocked and reverted until we approve them, to prevent issues with a couple plugins that still rely on names rather than the new UUID system. It also lets us notify all the staff who's changed to what, so they know who you are and your history on the server - good or bad. And also because Mojang apparently forgot to put a decent profanity filter on the name changer, gg as always mojang.

So if you change your name, just make a /modreq in game with your new name (and make sure you get spell it right), and an admin will switch you over as soon as possible! Bear in mind if you change your name to something dumb (I've had multiple people ask if 'Murreeey' would be allowed...), we won't approve it.


I was going to keep out of people's decisions for new names because, of course, it's your decision - but I feel I should point out that this is your name.

This isn't just an RP nickname or something, this is what you will be known as everywhere - so please choose carefully and think your options over. I've already had a few people ask how to change back because they just went for the first Doctor Who related thing they could think of.