IP: dwominecraft.com

Need help? Make a modreq!

21 May 2014

Introducing a new way to get help - Modreqs.

From now on, if you need the help of a staff member don't just repeatedly shout their name in chat, you can create a /modreq with your query!

Once you've made your request, please - be patient! We'll know when you've made it, and when we've got time we'll read it. You don't need to keep bugging us in chat! Similarly, please don't make the same request twice to get our attention - personally this'll make me more likely to deal with other people first.

You can check your currently open requests with /check, and you can only have 5 open at a time so use them wisely!

If you have solved a problem yourself or no longer need the ticket open, you can close it with /done [id], with the ID being the number displayed beside it.

Please be sensible with your tickets! No stupid requests and, if asking a question, please try and read around Spawn first or just ask other members in chat in case your question is answered.

These are for problems such as reporting grief or asking for builds to be moved - NOT for things like requesting WorldEdit or asking for free Cardinal.