IP: dwominecraft.com

To The Stars!

12 August 2020

We may have made this Survival world our own, but ever since it was ravaged by radiation back in 2016 it has never really felt like a fresh start. Finally after four long years, our resident scientist Professor Morgan believes she has found a way to move forward.

You heard the Professor - a new world awaits! But to get there, we're all going to need to come together as one big Survival community to help her and her assistant Noodle build a way to escape the scars of the past. Morgan's set up a laboratory in the roof of our Spawn building, head up the ladders to visit and chat to her to find out her plan for blasting off this planet and what you can do to help.

Morgan and Noodle have done a lot of the work so far getting a launchpad built, but getting the materials needed for the rocket itself is going to mean pooling together all our resources from across the world. Morgan's left her guide to the rocket on a lectern in the lab so you can check what is still needed, and throw any items you collect into her hopper so they can get to work.

To help you out with gathering supplies, we've taken drastic action - we've removed all Survival rules in an effort to get this rocket built.

It sounds like you'll also have to do some work to make sure the rocket has the right coordinates for our new home - speak to the Professor and she might be able to guide you how to do it.

Once the rocket's ready, Morgan should be able to plan a launch date and tell us more about our new home. I trust it won't take you long - it's not exactly rocket science.