IP: dwominecraft.com

The New World

21 August 2020

New Survival Header Image

Ladies and gentlemen as we begin the final approach to our destination, please make sure your seat backs and tray tables are in the upright position and turn off any portable electronic devices. We ask that you draw your attention to the following information before stepping foot on the planet's surface.

Survival Rules:

  1. No griefing!

    As with anywhere on the server, griefing is strictly not allowed. If you get griefed make a /modreq, and staff members will be able to undo it for you.

  2. No stealing

    To protect your stuff simply place a sign on the side of the chest, and it will become a private sign that locks the chest to you and people you trust only. Unlocked chests that are out in the open or publicly accessible are fair game to take from! You cannot take items from chests behind locked doors, inside others' houses, or any others that you're clearly not supposed to have access to.

  3. Don't attempt to kill other players

    PVP is already off, but finding creative ways to kill people anyway is still not allowed. It's not only a mean thing to do, but you'd hate it just as much if someone did it to you. Yes, this means no big pits with hoppers at the bottom.

All the other server wide rules - No Exploiting, Don't Spam, Be Respectful, Don't Advertise - still apply as always.

The World

Our new planet is a normal 1.15 world, including many of the biomes that have been added since our old world. There's no special terrain or unexplored dungeons like before, this is a totally fresh and untouched planet. Untouched apart from the indigenous villager populations, of course. The world is also smaller than our old one, so please try and be curteous with claiming areas to build. If you claim entire biomes or chunks of the world for yourself, we'll probably remove or shrink your claim. Say hello to your neighbours, don't be afraid! This also means of course that we won't have every biome there could possibly be, or even maybe your favourite. As time goes on and we settle into the planet, we'll look at expanding our borders for some further exploration.

We'd also like to introduce passengers to some of the differences they may encounter on our new world:

  • Only two homes!

    You read that right, in the new Survival you will only be able to create a total of two /home points. This limit only applies to Survival. We'd recommend establishing your own transport networks, roads and railways instead.

  • No Nether or End!

    Since we don't really know what's out there, it's best we take it slow with the exploration. Let's get used to our new land before we start messing around with interdimensional portals.

  • No online map!

    This is uncharted territory - literally. For the time being, you won't be able to see it on the map and you'll have to explore for yourself to find places to live. Again - we'd recommend making good use of roads and railways to find your way around.

  • No more Survival Communities!

    While we still want to encourage you all to form communities, our old system just didn't cut the mustard. So instead of locking you in to one community with meagre perks, feel free to band together in any way that works for you to survive in this new land.

Chest Shops & Credits

Chest Shops

To help you make your start in the new world, you can now set up proper shops for selling or buying items from other players. See this news post for info on how to create your own. All the information you need is in that post, but if you need any help just ask a staff member in game! You will not be able to buy any materials at Spawn, so you'll have to rely on setting up your own shops, and attracting people to come and visit you!





Plus, visit the villager in the Cash For Gold exchange outside spawn - he'll happily take gold off your hands in exchange for credits. He's in the North East, so just follow the signs and the yellow line to find him. But bear in mind he's only open every so often, and he'll offer a different price every day! Up to you if you want to trade now or hold out for a better deal.

Our estimated time of arrival is 7pm tomorrow, at which point we will open up our onboard transmat for everyone to enter the new world. On behalf of Professor Morgan and the crew, I'd like to thank you for flying DWO Airlines and we look forward to seeing you onboard again soon.