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TARDISes for Everyone!

22 February 2022

Today marks ten whole years of DWO Minecraft, if you can believe it! And it's only right that a big anniversary means we do something special to celebrate. Up to now we've always kept them as a thank you for donators, but it's finally time - every single player can now create their own TARDIS!

TARDISes for Everyone

Get yourself to Gallifrey then head down the stairs to the TARDIS Crafting Room which has all the info you need on creating your own seed and choosing a desktop. Gallifreyans have access to a handful of the basic prebuilt seeds, as well as the empty frame which allows you to build your own completely custom interior. We'll also be working on updating and rebuilding the crafting rooms and the showroom in the coming weeks to fully showcase all the TARDIS options on offer.

However, this does come with one big caveat! As we've said before, there is a limit on the number of TARDISes we can have which is why we couldn't give them to everyone. Except now we are giving them to everyone, but that limit is still there! To make up for it, we are going to have to be more proactive about removing Gallifreyan TARDISes that go unused for too long. There's no change for Cardinals though - we'll still try our best to never have to delete or reset your TARDIS if we don't absolutely have to.

For everyone who's donated for Cardinal over the years, whether it was just for the TARDIS or the shiny blue name - thank you. We're only here ten years later because of the true kindness of donators who help pay for the server's running costs, and we aren't forgetting that! No other Cardinal perks are going anywhere, and we're always open to adding more if you've got ideas! To the next ten?