IP: dwominecraft.com

It's Our Eighth Birthday!

22 February 2020

Time flies when you're having fun. The Doctor Who Online Minecraft Server is officially eight years young (nearly a decade, eek)! We've had an incredible time providing sandboxes, TARDISes, games, memes, and Nardoles and, in our next year, we hope to provide even more pixelated fun (lava balls not included). While we may have grown from a small field to a multi-world extravaganza, it's you, the players, who make the place what it is, sandbox or not. Who else could provide us with giant David Tennants or incredible TARDIS interiors? Very recently, our London area has seen some amazing redevelopments (psst, go check them out) and with a new series of Who nearly over we can't wait to see how our community responds. Will we see a flourish of Benni builds in the Sandbox? Who knows, but that's the fun part!

Today, we're celebrating our birthday with a special anniversary Games Night (because who doesn't want to defend a farm from Cybermen, rob the Bank of Karabraxos, or fight on a giant Jammie Dodger) from 6pm. Don't forget to log on and claim your exclusive 8th Doctor themed Birthday Pin, too, and join in the fun in our anniversary party at our Creative spawn. Fun and frolics are virtually guaranteed. Oh, and don't forget to share your memories and make us feel old via our Discord server or interacting with our Twitter (@DWOMinecraft).