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Our Updated Spoiler Rules

6 April 2017

Since we're getting close to the start of Series 10 and it's been an eon since the last time the show was on, a refresh and reminder of our spoiler rules:

  • When a new episode airs, you MUST talk about it in /spoilerchat for the first 48 hours after UK broadcast. After that, main chat is fine.
  • Similarly, you cannot BUILD anything from a new episode until 48 hours after UK broadcast.
  • Absolutely all promotional content (including trailers, images and "Next Time" segments) is spoilers until it has actually aired as part of an episode.
  • Episode titles are spoilers (just refer to them by number)
  • Episode synopsis' are spoilers.
  • Speculation about what you think might happen is fine, unless you're basing it on anything that comes under spoilers (e.g., something you saw in the trailer).
  • BUT: anything officially announced on the BBC website (like this or this) is okay to talk about, with one exception. That exception is the news item they released today (6/4/17), which will still be counted as spoilers. This is a special case due to the BBC being forced to announce it after it was leaked (and also because it's a stupid thing to reveal, like what happened with the Hell Bent synopsis...)

You won't be banned if you mention that last point in chat as we can't expect people to know it's being counted as spoilers, but it'd just be really great if you didn't. Likewise, there are things that have been announced that are therefore not spoilers, but bear in mind some people don't want spoiled. We won't punish you for talking about them, but it's still cool to be considerate that some people might not want to hear.

You'll never be banned for spoiling things. You will only be tempbanned if you spoil with malicious intent, or give away major spoilers. For example, spoiling something for someone because you don't like them is being malicious. Major spoilers are usually very obvious - the last time we had to tempban for that was after Heaven Sent when people logged in to immediately shout "omg clara died!". Don't do that ya silly sausage.

Please try and be wary of what you talk about over the next 13 weeks, and remember not everyone gets the same kick out of knowing things that you do. Thank you!