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Christmas Yet To Come

19th December 2018

"As the last stroke ceased to vibrate, he lifted up his eyes and beheld a solemn Phantom, draped and hooded, coming, like a mist along the ground, towards him."

The Ood of Christmas Yet To Come

At the Elder of the Ood predicted, the Ood of Christmas Yet To Come has arrived in the Oodsphere to show to Scrooge the full consequences of his actions. You've successfully managed to bring the Christmas cheer to the past and present, but the future is already a long lost cause - no amount of spreading cheer can make up for the absence of Father Christmas himself.

To restore peace to the future once and for all, you'll need to rescue some important things that went mysteriously missing earlier this month: nine reindeer, one sleigh and one old fat man in a red suit. Travel to the future to see if you can find any clues for where they might be. The Ood have provided you with their future-gazing snow globe, and you'll need to bring items you find around the world back to it to track down what's missing.

Putting different items into the snow globe will help visualise where different things may be, and you can track how close it's getting to locating them with the signs on the side. The more items you can give it, the close and closer it will be able to locate what you seek. If you can return each of the three, the Ood of Christmas Yet To Come will reward you generously for your efforts. They can be found in any order, depending entirely on how well you do with this challenge.

Note that you may have to have a way to prove you've found them - make sure you get a screenshot with each of them as you manage it (in case it happens during the middle of the night!).

Good luck!