IP: dwominecraft.com

Introducing Discord!

15 July 2018


We got a Discord! For players unfamiliar with Discord, it's a VoiP platform that allows you to keep in touch with other players while you're not on Minecraft. There's apps available on most platforms, so you can stay connected on your phone as well.

We're keeping it very simple and streamlined to start with - there's two chat channels, which are linked to game channels. #chat is the server chat, and #spoilers the spoiler chat. Bear in mind anything you type goes through to the server and vice versa, so no whining about people behind their back! As a result I'd recommend setting your notifications to mentions only so you're not bombarded. When you start seeing people chatting in game with the little purple 'd', those are players on Discord.

Same with voice channels, for now we're just having one general channel and one spoilers, with a few others for Games - and only to be used for games. We won't be adding anything like secret chats for Cardinals or Staff or any of that (yet). Once we see how people use Discord and want to use it, we might be making changes to all of this to suit.

Please make sure you read the rules in the #rules channel, especially the one about making sure your nickname is the same as (or similar to) your DWO username. If we can't figure out who you are, you'll be kicked. Obviously usual rules apply, don't be an idiot use common sense etc.