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Resource Pack Switching

26 November 2014

After fiddling with it for a while, we finally have Automatic Resource Pack Switching!

For now only the ride has the feature, and you'll see a prompt asking you to install it automagically the first time you go there. Once you click yes however, it'll not ask you again. Expect to see this popping up in a few more places soon!

If no pop up appears when you click any of the Ride buttons (and the pack isn't already on), you've set Resource Packs to disabled for DWO. To change it, log out and click on the server in your Multiplayer server list, then press Edit and change "Server Resource Packs" to 'Enabled'.

No longer will you have to redownload the custom packs any time we make a change to them, we can update them on our end and it'll do it automatically!

EDIT: Slight addition to the Resource Packs thing - they are set up to reset automatically when you leave the areas that they're used in, but if they don't or you leave in a weird way that it doesn't detect etc etc, you can use /resetpack at any time to switch back to default textures (or whatever your usual resource pack setting is).