IP: dwominecraft.com

Introducing Cardinal+

01 April 2019


You've been asking for it, and it's finally here - our first new rank in five years, Cardinal+! So many of our players already have the Cardinal rank but still wish to give back to the server, and who are we to say no. So today we're introducing another level of donator ranks - Cardinal+ is the ultimate way to show off your support of DWO, and you'll get some pretty sweet perks in return.

Those perks include:

  • Pets!

    • Get your very own mob pet in either Creative or Survival. Just do /pet [type] to spawn in your pet!
  • Exclusive hats!

    • As an expansion to the Cardinal /hat command, Cardinal+ will now have access to the extremely fashionable /hat pig
  • More portable inventories!

    • In addition to craft and enderchest, Cardinal+ brings /chest, which functions exactly the same as a normal chest.
  • Nick names in main chat!

    • No longer exclusive to roleplay, Cardinal+ can use /nick to use a custom Nick name in the main chat.
  • Private Sandbox!

    • Sandbox+ is an exclusive new building area in Creative, only for plus ranks! You'll never have to put up with rubbish builds near yours again.
  • Better hunger in Survival!

    • We've upgraded Minecraft's hunger system to be more realistic, only for plus players.
  • New mobility commands!

    • Speed ahead of the competition with /boost, a speed boost command!
      Please note this only works while sneaking.
    • Reach new heights with /launch, which will let you fly up into the air and scale walls easier than ever before!

Finally as an extra special thank you to everyone who's helped us get to this point, all existing Gallifreyans and Cardinals will recieve plus ranks for free!

Cardinal+ is available now in the store for only £6000 - upgrade now!