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Seven Years Young

21 February 2019

Birthday Collage

Tomorrow marks SEVEN whole years of the Doctor Who Online Minecraft server. We've been here pottering away through six series, three Doctors, two showrunners, and one Nardole. Seven years ago to the day, those original few of us all joined on that beach together, and within just a few short hours we had set it on fire. Ah memories. Over the years it's gone from that, to a big empty field, to Cardiff, to Cardiff inside London for some reason, to the massive world we play in now. You guys have built literally thousands of Daleks, TARDISes, character statues, monsters, TARDISes, favourite episode sets, TARDISes, oh my god so many TARDISes please stop. Fun fact: we still have the original, first Dalek someone ever built way back in 2012. It's practically vintage now.

This year saw another new Who series come and go, with the now traditional DWO launch party on either side, and ended with a bang when Christmas came and went then came back again (thanks to your help!). Hopefully that won't be the last of what's become the ongoing DWO soap opera, so you'll have to stay tuned this year to find out what happens next...

To celebrate, we'll be kicking off year eight with a bang at the DWO Seventh Birthday Party! Join us tomorrow night for unlimited cake and unlimited rice pudding at Trafalgar Square to do the usual spamming fireworks until someone complains. I'm sure there'll be some impromptu games and messing around as usual, so don't miss it!‚Äč