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Christmas 2015 on DWO

1 December 2015

It's that time of year again! Christmas is upon is once more, and the DWO decorations have started going up around London. Last year, as I'm sure many remember, we ran our Christmas advent calendar, unveiling a new gift every day up to the 25th! This year however we'll be doing something slightly different to celebrate, and something hopefully a lot more fun!

Christmas 2015 on DWO

Introducing The Great Christmas Present Hunt! Last year we helped poor Santa Claus tidy up his presents after he crashed and spilt them all over London. Since then of course he went galavanting over London with The Doctor and Clara, and he's ended up stuck in the roof of the National Gallery! This year to repay us for helping him clean up, he's brought along some gifts of his own for the players of DWO! Presents will be spread all over London just like last year, and you can pick them up just by clicking them! Once we get enough of Santa's presents back, something new will be given to you guys! Below you can see all of Santa's goals to get his presents back, and a tease at what each might bring...

Santa's present hunt

Head to the Totaliser outside of the National Gallery to talk to Santa, and see how many presents have been collected so far.

But that's not all! Which ever player finds the present that tips over to meet the next goal will receive a £10 voucher for the server store! If you're not a Cardinal yet, this could be your chance to get it.

There's also a brand new Christmas Town to explore! Head through the portal in the Gallery's Christmas Room to visit the village at the North Pole.

Last year's Christmas Tree presents are back too! You can wrap up gifts for players in Creative for them to open up on Christmas Day. Simply place a single chest beneath the tree in Trafalgar Square and fill it with your gifts. Then do '/wrap [player]' and right click it, and it'll wrap up for them! I've refined the system a little too to hopefully reduce the lag from last year. Right click any present to see who it's from and who it's for. Want to get someone Cardinal for Christmas? The Cardinal Gift Block is back too, which allows you to buy a special block from the store that you can wrap up in a present - then when that player unwraps their presents, they can turn the block into real Cardinal for themselves!

Obviously this is something new and untested, so we may tweak some parts of it depending on how it goes. If not enough presents are found to unlock a goal, it'll probably still arrive at some point, just not immediately!

Feel free to use this thread to share all your pictures and screenshots from Christmas (and to brag about the presents you've found!)

For those of you interested in that black and yellow wall, keep them peeled...