IP: dwominecraft.com

Minecraft 1.10 is here!

6 September 2016

It's time to upgrade your Minecraft clients, as DWO has (finally) upgraded to 1.10.2! Just edit your launcher profile the same way as before, and set the version to "Use Latest Version".

The update brings all the features you never wanted from Mojang, like a block of solid nether wart or an auto-jump (You can turn that off by the way).

The TARDIS plugin however has a bunch of new features, including two new consoles. No more will the answer to "Which console is most like tennants?" be "the gold one I guess?", because we now have the Coral console based on the 9th and 10th Doctor's TARDIS! Use a Nether Wart Block seed to grow it.

The other new TARDIS uses lots of fancy features and blocks that were added last update, and is the Ender TARDIS. Grow it with a Purpur Block - and be careful, cause there's an end crystal in it and I'm pretty sure it'll blow up if you punch it.


Both of these are available to view in the TARDIS showroom.

There's also a new TARDIS room, the Igloo! It'll let you farm polar bears into your TARDIS, just like the farm room. Of course those rooms are kinda weird and don't seem to work half the time, so I wouldn't get your hopes up about this one either. Yay!

Other smaller TARDIS updates:

  • A Sonic Generator, as seen in Hell Bent! Get the recipe with /tardisrecipe generator, then place it down somewhere in your TARDIS. Right click, and you'll get a menu to customise a new Sonic Screwdriver with! You can select your sonic type from the top menu (you'll need the Special MCPatcher pack to see the textures!), and pick upgrades from the bottom menu. The sonic you're creating will preview in the bottom of the window, and you can press "Standard Sonic" to reset it if you add something you don't want. Hit "Generate Sonic" when you're happy, and it'll pop out the top ready for use!

  • The Sonic Replanter! If your TARDIS has the Emerald Environment upgrade circuit, use it to harvest crops in Survival and they will automatically be replanted as long as you have the right seed in your inventory. (This is a Cardinal only feature for Sonics)

  • A new updated Control Centre, which displays your current location and artron levels when not being used. There's a couple new buttons etc inside, and shift clicking it will open up your TARDIS keyboard.

  • You can now take off without setting a destination! Just hit the handbrake and you'll dematerialise into the Vortex immediately. Set a destination and you'll start to re-materialise, then remember to release the handbrake!

  • Choose your TARDIS hum sound! Instead of a random one every time, set a specific one with /tardisprefs hum [sound] (or use the control centre). Remember you'll need the server pack or the TARDIS sounds pack to hear them!

  • You can now un-junk your TARDIS with /tardis make_her_blue, in case it gets stuck.

As usual, let us know if you have any problems with anything. Enjoy!