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Christmas 2020 on DWO

01 December 2020

Ah, December 1st. The nights have drawn in, a chill grows in the air, and the snow begins to fall on DWO!

Trafalgar Square

Our faithful tree is back in Trafalgar Square, and we invite you all again to wrap presents beneath it for your friends. The Cardinal Gift Block is available once more, to allow you to leave the Cardinal rank under the tree for your favourite Gallifreyan. New for this year is the ability to wrap up Credits, so your Survival friends don't feel too left out from the festivities. Read the instructions under the tree to learn how to wrap gifts or credits, and click any presents you see to check the labels - see if you can find one someone has left for you! You can wrap presents all the way through to the 24th of December, then come back from Christmas morning to unwrap your gifts.

Yule Ball

Christmas also means it's almost time for the Yule Ball! The ball this year will be taking place on Saturday the 19th of December, in its sixth new secret venue. Time to dust off your best skin and prepare for another night of high class entertainment that will undoubtedly devolve into pig and boat related firework chaos. As is tradition.

During the evening we'll be hosting the DWO Minecraft Awards Ceremony, where we take a moment to congratulate and appreciate your favourite friends and players of this year. CLICK HERE TO VOTE FOR THE 2020 AWARDS and nominate your candidate in each category, then don't forget to turn up on the night when the winners are announced! Who will be taking home one of the exclusive Trophy Pins this year?

The rest of the decorations across London will hopefully start going up shortly, unfortunately some things might be a bit delayed this year due to circumstances outside of our control. Sorry! We'll try our best to get everything ready in the next few days.