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Christmas Cancelled?!?

02 December 2018

We'd like to apologise for the server issues, we’re having some technical difficulties with the Christmas stuff. Present placing should still be working but we're currently looking into what happened to the present room and why the tree had been remov-

Sorry, I'm just hearing we have a breaking news announcement from the DWO News team:

DWO News have obtained a copy of The Mayor’s statement released in full:

People of London, I, your Mayor, am just as shocked as you concerning the recent outrageous events occurring on our streets, in our areas, and in our chunks. Not only have these events taken away Christmas for all of you, but they have taken away Christmas from me, too (especially my Christmas cards, which I was planning to send to you all individually, as I am a wonderful politician).

However, in this case it is with a heavy heart that I must confirm this action has been officially sanctioned by my office. The disruption and mayhem caused by Christmas celebrations in the past has proven to be too much for this poor city, and it must now end. Well, that and also because I received a very large paycheque from a wealthy citizen to take down the decorations, which I will invest straight back into the city. And will not lose at a casino. Never.

So please, do not blame me for this. I have tried my hardest not to accept the money, but in the end Mr. Scrooge’s generous donation was too large not to take. Please direct all anger at him, and not at me.

Vote Kress.

We’re continuing to try and find a way to get something working but ultimately if we can’t put any Christmas things in the world this event won’t be able to go ahead.