IP: dwominecraft.com


02 Febuary 2014

The time has come - TARDISes are being reset again.

You might have noticed the last few days that the server is having a fun time doing anything big, and the 250 odd TARDIS worlds it's holding are the reason why.

We're compacting all the TARDISes into one giant world to hold them all, which will massively cut down server load and boot time (it's currently over an hour to boot...), and unfortunately this means wiping them in the process. It'll also mean (hopefully) no more crashing every time someone builds their TARDIS, as it won't be making a new world everytime.

From your point of view, everything'll be exactly the same - create a TARDIS like normal, you can still grow your rooms, and you won't even know the other people are in the same world.

It may seem like a pain now, but this was a move that had to happen eventually, the number of TARDISes has been spiraling out of control - better to just get it done and that be the end of it.