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Welcome to Stratford

07 July 2017

After being thought lost in the fallout of Survival 3.0, the DWO News team are returning to your screens again tonight.

After his chaotic appearance on DWO News this evening, the Mayor of London's Office has issued a press statement to clarify his speech and to further deny anything he may have said about a pyramid -

The Mayor of London is proud to announce that due to unfortunate destruction caused by a film crew in the North East of London, the area will now be redeveloped to form the borough of Stratford. The redevelopments aim to reduce travel time for north east areas to just 20 minutes into the city centre, through a brand new DLR service, running from Stratford's new transit hub in the north east straight to Heron Quays in Canary Wharf. Transport for London realises that the line only runs three stops, but unfortunately they ran out of money after they spent it all building and demolishing different line layouts. The biggest new area of Stratford is the Westfield Shopping Centre, full of empty shop units just waiting to be used! Any citizens who would like to set up a shop need only ask, as well as pay the small fee of £250,000. These redevelopments will also bring new standards of education to London, by doubling the number of schools in the entire city! (City of London can not not guarantee that the new school is not run by an evil corporation). The Mayor would finally like to apologise to the unfortunate citizens who were completely obliterated when the pyrami- FILM SET crushed their houses. Please collect your belongings from the lost and found.

  • The Mayor Of London

Shop Rental FAQ's and How To's

With the recent renovations and additions made in the North-East of London, questions have arisen about shop rental in the new shopping centre. Here's a few things to help out those of you interested in building a shop interior:

Steps to claiming a shop space:
  1. Find an available store space that you are certain you want to work on.

  2. Make sure you have a concrete, creative and logical idea for said store space.

  3. Make a /modreq while standing in the space you wish to use which contains your idea for the store. If there is more than one person working on it, make sure to state the full username of who else will be joining you.

  4. Be patient and wait for approval. If the idea gets denied, don't be discouraged- just try to think of a use for the store space that suits it's surroundings better.

  1. "Where are the shops located?" They are all located within the Westfield shopping centre, in North-East London.

  2. "Can I change the floors?" For any level above ground level- no. For ground level, yes, just make sure it suits the build.

  3. "Can I build a store that's not found in the UK?" Nope. Sorry, but in order to keep to what would be there realistically, the store has to be British or is able to be commonly found in the UK.

  4. "Can I customise the storefront?" Yes, but keep the general shape of it and placement of pillars, doorway(s) and windows.

  5. "Can I work on more than one store at once?" If it's just yourself working on both, then no- that'd be unfair on others. However, while you can only own one, you are able to work on other stores as a team build with another player or players.

  6. "Can I remove the stone bricks/sandstone?" That's the exterior wall of the building, so unfortunately not- just build in front of it if it clashes with your interior.

  7. "Can more than one person work on one shop?" Yes, that's absolutely fine. Just ask for the additional player(s) to be added, or make a /modreq if nobody able to add them is available.

  8. "Can I change the roof?" Nope, again, just build over it if it bothers you.

  9. "Will my shop remain there permanently?" This won't be guaranteed- It is likely that shops will change as time progresses in order to give others a shot at building interiors for them. But don't stress over this- if the shop is approved, it will probably be there for a reasonably lengthy amount of time.

The most important thing to remember with this project is to have patience- Patience in planning, patience in building and patience while waiting for approval. Have a fun time building, everyone!