IP: dwominecraft.com

Happy Birthday!

22 February 2018

Birthday Party

Age my dear - and it seems not a moment too soon!

We've turned six! Log in to get your exclusive 6th Birthday Pin, then grab yourself some fireworks and cake and drinks and whatever else you can find to lob at each other. Make sure you're wearing your fanciest skins and we'll be tweeting your party pics all night long - plus I'm sure we'll try and beat last years mega-selfie.

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But that's not all! To welcome us into our Seventh Year of Server..ing, we'll be receiving the Minecraft equivalent of a telegram from the Queen - a visit from Minecraft makers Microsoft! From 9pm UK time (1pm PST) this FRIDAY the 23RD, they will be streaming live from the server to check out your awesome builds and play some games with you guys. Make sure you hop on if you wanna be in with a chance of getting on the stream and helping make their experience awesome! We'll be hosting Games Night on Friday instead of Saturday so that they can take part and so that you guys can absolutely destr- I mean be good sports in Sky Ships with them.

9pm UK time, Friday 23rd, twitch.tv/minecraft.‚Äč