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Minecraft 1.8 is here!

16 January 2015

Minecraft 1.8 is here!

This update brings a ton of new vanilla features, including new sea mobs, temples, blocks, armour stands, banners and a load of other stuff! You can read the full change log from Mojang here if you've not played it yet.

On the server, there's also a load of new TARDIS features!

  • A new TARDIS console - the Twelth Doctor's console can be made with a Prismarine seed block (or using the /tardis desktop switcher), and can be viewed in the TARDIS showroom on Gallifrey.
  • Siege Mode! From the episode Flatline, you can activate your TARDISes Siege Mode. Add a new lever to your TARDIS somewhere, and run '/tardis update siege', then right click it. When in Siege Mode, your TARDIS exterior will become the Siege Cube, and nobody can get in or out. You or your companions can pick up the Siege TARDIS by punching the block. Siege Mode can be deactivated by shift clicking your cube with your key, or by turning off the lever inside.
  • TARDIS Invisibility - there's now a new button on your Chameleon Circuit for invisibility. Clicking it will activate the mode, then if you fly somewhere you will land invisibly (but tangible), like in Day of the Moon. To turn off invisibility, use '/tardis make_her_blue'!
  • There's also 4 new Chameleon presets, although they're literally just a box made out of each of the three new stone blocks, and a Guardian Temple with the new sea blocks.
  • There's a new Rabbit Hutch room, which works just like the Stable or the Farm, but for rabbits! If getting the mobs inside your TARDIS still doesn't work speak to me and I'll hit it with a stick.
  • The render room will now render the mobs that are outside of your TARDIS as well!
  • There's a new block, the Artron Furnace. This isn't for your TARDIS as such, but it works like a real Survival furnace does, with the extra ability to use artron fuel cells for fuel. Craft the furnace with '/trecipe furnace', to power it make a fuel cell (/trecipe cell) and right click your artron capacitor to fill it with TARDIS artron.
  • A new TARDIS Control Centre sign. Add one to your TARDIS with '/tardis update control', and it will let you control all the things that usually use levers - light switch, fast return, desktop switcher, siege mode etc.

There's also a handful of other bugs, bug fixes and changes:

  • The ride and a couple mini games have had to be disabled due to some plugins not quite being 1.8 yet, they should be back in time.
  • The TARDIS remote key crafting recipe now works, the gold nugget shown is actually the basic TARDIS key rather than a gold nugget.
  • You will likely find there are places where you can no longer press buttons or pressure plates, let us know if you do and we'll fix them.
  • The new 1.8 blocks aren't in Mine Mart yet, but will be in due course. Banners likely won't due to the customization.

Finally, we're going to be resetting the Sandbox, the Nether and The End on March 1st! Please make sure you let us know if you need a build moved out to a section, or saved to be restored after the update! Make a modreq at the build for if you need it moved or saved, and a staff member will help you out asap. If you don't, your build will be wiped on March 1st, and you've only yourself to blame.

As always, if something is broken let me know asap and I'll try my best to fix it.