IP: dwominecraft.com

Introducing Mumble

02 March 2015

DWO Mumble

If you've never heard of it before, Mumble is voice chat program (like TeamSpeak of Ventrilo) that lets you chat with other players on the server. It's not compulsory or anything, and you don't even need to speak if you don't want to. Obviously you'll need a microphone to participate though!

To join, you need to get the Mumble client from their website, just click the latest version for your OS in the 'Download Mumble' area. Once you open it up you'll see the set up wizard, which will guide you through configuring your microphone etc. You can basically leave all this stuff as it is, except I would highly recommend switching to Push To Talk on the 'Voice Activity Detection' page. That'll let you set a key so your voice is only broadcast when you hold down that key.

Then once you've completed the set up, you'll see the 'Mumble Server Connect' window. Just click 'Add New', then set the address to our Mumble IP - Label can be whatever you want to recognise the server by, and username is obviously your username. Port shouldn't need changed. Hit OK, and you'll see DWO on the connection window with a ping and a player count. Double click, and you'll connect!

Currently this is a sort of trial run, and we're experimenting with how best to do this. There's a few channels for Games or Role Play, so you can move (drag your name) into those during Games Night or whatever. The usual server rules still apply, but bear in mind we can't prevent things like swearing instantly, so be wary that you'll probably run into some. We will ban you from Mumble if we need to, so please listen to us if we're trying to ask you to stop doing something. Staff won't always be online of course, but if something happens feel free to leave a modreq in game, or use Mumble's built in Record thing.

If you're not sure about something or have any suggestions, feel free to post below!