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Minecraft 1.16 Update

23 September 2020

1.16 Update

Can it really be a second Minecraft update in six months? And on DWO of all places? You better believe it - we're now running 1.16.3!

All the Minecraft changes in this update can be found here on the Minecraft wiki. Obviously almost all the changes concern the Nether which we don't have, so they won't change much in Survival. You can of course use all the fancy new blocks in Creative (and there are a lot of fancy new blocks!)

Sticking to Nether theme though, there are also two new TARDIS rooms and one brand new console!

  • The Nether Delta Console is a spooky new console, made out of spooky new Blackstone and with a dangerous amount of lava around for a vehicle. You can grow it now with the Crying Obsidian seed block.

New Nether Delta TARDIS Console

  • The Maze Room: As if it wasn't hard enough to find your way around your TARDIS already, why not really go the distance and grow yourself a Maze room. Guaranteed to frustrate any lost companions!

Maze Room

  • The Nether Room: If the Arboretum room is a nice relaxing garden in your TARDIS, then the Nether room is its evil twin. Warped and crimson blocks abound.

Nether Room

Both new rooms are available now on the store!

As usual, please shout or make a /modreq ASAP if you find any bugs or broken things so we can fix them!