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Christmas Past

5th December 2018

"He spoke before the hour bell sounded, which it now did with a deep, dull, hollow, melancholy Six. Light flashed up in the room upon the instant, and the curtains of his bed were drawn."

The Ood of Christmas Past

The Ood of Christmas Past has arrived in the Oodsphere to try and change Scrooge for the better, averting this Christmas disaster. Having a Christmasless childhood lead to a cold hearted life with no care for festivity or the season of giving, so it is up to you to travel back and attempt to change it. Go to the Ood and read his instructions, then take on the challenge to bring Christmas Cheer to Scrooge’s past. As you help to create Christmas Cheer, the Ood will repay you by helping to return some of the lost festive gifts to the present day. This Ood has three prizes to give, which need 10,000 Christmas Cheer each to unlock.

The challenge will definitely be... challenging to begin with. You may have to do some extensive figuring out how exactly to do what the Ood asks of you. Any of this might change as the event goes on and we see how well (or badly) you get on, but there’s no rush - you have the rest of the month, including after other Ood may turn up. Finally, when prizes are unlocked, it won’t be immediate. We want to give everyone a chance to turn up for new presents, and because we can’t always release things straight away. We’ll keep you up to date with what’s unlocked and when to expect it.

Good luck!